Saturday, October 28, 2017

Sunshine but Cold

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October 28, 2017

I left the house today around 5:00pm to give our daughter a ride over to Gladstone. Rachel and her daughter, Charlotte, had plans with a friend and her daughter and her car decided to have a problem. As I was getting in the Jeep I thought the Stinger "B" looked so nice with the sun reflecting through our tree out front so I snapped a picture. My brother came over earlier in the week and helped Tom winterize her so she is ready to take on the cold weather, which has arrived. I see two things left to do in the next couple of days take off the tire covers, we do not want those freezing to the ground if we get rain and or slush snow which can happen any time now, and put the stairs in. The little carpet has seen better days and will be tossed when we leave.

Gladstone is about 8 miles northeast of us; the ride is along Little Bay de Noc. Usually at this time of the year the bluff along here is bright with reds and golds. This year there is just a few patches of golds.

Looking ahead we can see Gladstone in the distance.

Across the bay we can see the Stonington Peninsula.
Looks like they are getting some rain.

After dropping them off I decided to take a ride through Van Cleve Park. The first home we ever owned was in Gladstone. It was a very small house but at that time there was only two of us and our dog Brandy so we did not need much room. The last time we rode by the house was gone, next time we are in Gladstone we will have to ride by and see if they have built a new house on the property. Brandy and I used to take walks down to the park and I would let her loose on the small island below. Since, she did not like going in the water, as long as I stood on the bridge, she could just enjoy the running around and not be on a leash.

Small island in the park with a lovely little pavilion. Weddings are held
here in the summer.

Looking across the Bay at Escanaba.

Surprisingly, there are still a couple of boats in the harbor. 

There is a walkway out to the fishing pier. The statue below is along the walk.

A small lighthouse near the fishing pier.

The fishing pier.
I had taken a walk this far and suddenly realized, if it was not for the cold
wind, I would have been enjoying the the walk all the way to the end.
Nothing hurt, having two good knees is a great thing
and makes walking so enjoyable.  

Back at the Jeep I turned on the heat and noticed the outside temperature.
No wonder I was freezing out by the pier.

On the way back to Escanaba I stopped to take one last picture. The soft grey
in the upper right is, I hate to use the word, snow. Not landing on the ground
and staying snow but snow just the same. For the next few miles a slushy
snow was hitting the windshield.
It was a good day today. We are settling in to the fact that we are not going anywhere for a while. Tom is feeling better every day and is slowly getting back into the swing of things. So I am going to start going through more stuff and as he feels up to it Tom will be doing the same. 

Hope you had a wonderful day and we are glad you stopped by to read our blog. 
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  1. What a nice area to live and wonderful scenery, 29f here in Oklahoma at 5 am but gonna be sunny and 66 today we will take that.
    Keep warm there until you can leave.

    1. The UP is beautiful with a lot of wonderful scenery. We would take 66 degrees in a second. Enjoy the warmth.

  2. That turned in to a very Scenic Drive.
    You don't need things freezing too the ground once you are ready to leave.
    Hoping Tom is steadily healing and getting ready for his next surgery.
    Looking forward to meeting up again.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It is a lovely short drive along the water. When we were a lot younger it was two lanes and they had places to stop with picnic tables along the water.
      Tom stored the wheel covers this morning...:)
      You two travel safely.

  3. Gladstone looks like a lovely place to live. Beautiful pictures!
    I think the Stinger "B" looks good in any light, like our Suite but the sun shining on it sure adds to it!
    Glad you are able to walk easily with no pain and soon Tom will be able to put his upsets behind him too. Keep warm!

    1. Gladstone is a lovely little town and we liked living there, just not the cost. The utilities and taxes are more then any place else in the area.
      I agree your Suite and the Stinger "B" are good looking rigs in any light but especially in the morning sun rise, preferable in the desert...:)

  4. Beautiful area you live in. Certainly don't like that four letter word and hopefully you will be gone before there is a lot on the ground. Thinking of you both and hope all goes well for Tom and you are on the road.

    1. Thank you for the good thoughts. The UP is beautiful we just are ready to escape the cold and that bad word that starts with "s"

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