Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Wind and A Ray of Sunshine

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October 24, 2017

We had wind and rain today. Though, not as bad as about 60 miles north of us on Lake Superior. They were experiencing winds up to 70 mph coming down across the lake from the north creating 20 to 25 foot waves. Lake Superior is beautiful in its furry but needs to be respected at all times even when it looks peaceful. As the man who took the picture below stated, "Many people have lost their lives by not respecting Mother Nature...

This was posted on facebook and taken by Dan Wilson in Marquette, MI
According to the post he shot it from the cove and it is at the Black Rocks in
Marquette, MI. He described the rock height as 20 ft. and the winds gusting
60 to 70 mph. The waves reaching 25 to 35 ft  in height.
 He wrote, "One monster wave at Black Rocks in Marquette, MI!

Tom had a follow up at the surgeon's today and everything is looking good. We then took a ride down by our waterfront. After which, just to give you an idea of the winds strength where we are, we stopped at UP North Roast (a local coffee roaster) to pick up some coffee for the next couple of weeks and I could barely open the door to get out and then get back in.

Though, hard to see in this picture the white caps filled the lake.

Looking out at the crib light through the windshield you can see some
of the white caps coming across. 

Very surprised some of the leaves are
hanging on.

A small "ray of sunshine" this yellow flower some how hung on in the last
 hanging basket outside. 

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  1. Lake Superior and even lake Huron can be brutal in a storm and the power of those waves is amazing.

    1. We are lucky to be able to spend time by such beautiful lakes.

  2. It always blows me away what survives the strong winds You see leaves on trees as well as some very spindly looking barns and buildings that can be seen through. Yet they withstand. Nice pictures, glad to hear of Tom's progress. Your bottom phrase about letting go reminds me of the Autumn phrase. Beautiful. :)

    1. I agree it is amazing what makes it through the wind. Being able to let go and let God in and accept what will be is not always easy but it is a beautiful feeling when you do so. Your posting of the Autumn phrase is what got me thinking of the times I have done so and appreciated the peace it brought...:)Thank you.

  3. With the winds, I think cold weather can't be far behind. Got our grass cut yesterday with beautiful 65 degree weather, but today is a different story; windy and cold. Glad all is going well with Tom.

    1. You were right as far as the cold weather being close behind. The word snow has been mentioned in our forecast.