Monday, October 26, 2020

Finishing Our Journey to New Mexico

FYI: something I forgot to mention most of the pictures in this blog and the last one were taken through a dirty front windshield. Even though Tom cleaned the windshield at least once a day it was a losing battle.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

I ended the last blog with our stay at the Pratt County Veterans Memorial Park. After 2 days and 3 nights of enjoying the quiet of this park today we pulled in the slides and were on our way. 

As we went by the equipment in the middle picture
we both mentioned we were driving by a lot of money.

As I mentioned in the last blog this was our first time 
driving through Kansas and our take away is
it is very flat. Another year we will plan to spend
more time in this stare and do some expolring.

Driving into Oklahoma on I-40 we have never seen a
sign today on US 54 I saw two. 

Not that many miles and we were crossing into Texas.
Three states today and all very flat.

Interestingly the one place that was not flat was the entrance into the Walmart in Dumas, Texas where we spent the night. Not that much of an incline but enough to cross our fingers that the mud flap would not drag. One thing I never think to take a picture of is the Walmarts. Just in case you are wondering they pretty much all look the same. I will say, the fact that they are no longer open 24 hours does make for a quiet night.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

We started today's ride on what are called a Farm to Market Road in Texas. I would compare it to a county road back in Michigan only the speed limit would be slightly slower. Not a bad road until you meet a semi going in the opposite direction then it seems very narrow. As we set out today for the first time on this trip we do not know what today's end destination will be. This is how we have always traveled until the pandemic hit and the world changed. It feels good to plan as we go.

Yes, that is the speed limit on this road.

When we reached US-385 I could see on the map it
might be a few more miles to stay on it until we 
reached I-40 but we decided it would be an easier 
ride then spending more time on another Farm to Market.

It ended up being the right decision and we had some
lovely views. As we approached Vega, TX we could
see I-40 ahead.

As we merged onto I-40 I could stop looking up directions.
We have been on this route more then once.

Finally a windmill. I had to do a lot of cropping 
but I got the picture.

Then a familiar sign over the highway ahead.
I think New Mexico has one of the best signs 
welcoming you to their state.

It is beginning to feel like we are in the southwest.

Reaching Santa Rosa we turned onto US-54.
This route will take us over to I-25 and avoid 
going through Albuquerque.

We were pleasantly surprised to find part of the way
was now four lanes. We had thought about stopping
at a Rest Area for the night just past Vaughn. As we
sat there, bottom left, and talked Tom decided to keep 
driving so we headed out for a couple more hours.

Middle pictures are of Salt Flats.

This is the best part of the ride. We are on US-60 here
and getting close to I-25. The views as you come
around the corner are beautiful.

Turning south and merging on to I-25 we did not have
many miles to go before our stop for the night.
The Walking Sands Rest Area.

As soon as we stopped I got out and made a quick
walk back up the road and was able 
to catch the end of tonights sunset.
Our first New Mexico sunset. 

Friday, October 9, 2020

Yesterday was a long day which may explain why even though we were right next to I-25 we both slept quite well. Today will not be as long and will be our last night on the road for awhile. Not exactly sure where we will stop tonight looking at the map there is a rest area in Lordsburg, NM which might be a good choice. We will see how the day unfolds.

We lucked out today as we went down and up this hill no
wind at all. The windsock at the bottom was not moving.

As the passenger I think this is one of the prettiest
sections we have driven on I-25.

Getting close to our exit to make the cut across to 
Deming, NM and I-10

We exit drive over the Rio Grande and into
Hatch, NM the Chili Capital of the World.

Continuing on NM-26 we are making our way to 
Deming, NM. Another nice surprise this highway
has been redone. We went by this solar farm and
 I do not think we have ever seen quite this big of
 solar panels before in a field.
A little farther down and we pass by another solar
farm the type we have seen before.

Solar panels as far as the eye can see.

We have made it to I-10 and construction. 
I did manage to get a picture of the sign announcing
that we were crossing the Continental Divide.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

We spent our last night on the road at a small rest area in Lordsburg, NM. When we arrived there was only one other RV there. We really made it just in time because in no time at all the parking lot was full. No hurry this morning as we have only about an hours drive to our destination.

All along the drive into the rest area were my 
favorite desert plant, Ocotillos.
They were all covered with their tiny green leaves.

Merging on to I-10 for a few miles.

I am not sure that a blog about driving in New Mexico 
on I-10 would be complete without pictures of 
these signs. We have been lucky and have never 
seeing them flashing. 

We are now on NM-80.

Our destination, Rusty's RV Ranch.
This will be our home for the next month.

Our site at Rusty's RV Ranch

We stayed at this park back in the spring of April 2018 and when we look out our door we can see a travel trailer in that site next to the tree in the bottom picture. We enjoyed our short stay here back then so when we were thinking about this year and where to go we decided this would be a nice place to spend some time. Two things are different since last time. Then there was no AT&T coverage; there is now a new tower just a couple of miles down the road and our service is excellent. Last time the Internet here in the park was fast this time I am finding it to slow to be useful not complaining just a fact and would not be a reason not to come back. If we are in this area we see ourselves staying here again.

We are very happy with this site.

It is a nice size and with the trees and bushes 
surrounding the site it feels very private.

We are glad you stopped by!
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. 75 mph on the farm to market road is crazy fast!

    Your pictures turn out pretty good considering you are taking them through a dirty windshield :-)

    I will miss the Ocotillo this year, they are my favourite as well.

    It looks like you have found a really nice place to spend the next month … enjoy!

    1. We are enjoying this RV Park.
      I will just say the speed limits in Texas always amaze us.
      I hear you about the Ocotillo I would miss not seeing them. I love the Saguaros but there is just something about the Ocotillo that captured my attention from day one.

  2. Sure enjoyed the ride along and great photos . Looks like you might have to keep up the blogging about the south west this winter as all the poor Canadians are kept home for the winter . Look forward to following along . Stay safe . Vern in Boise Id ( 16 degrees this morning )

    1. Glad to have you on the ride. It is truly sad to realize all the Canadians will not be joining us in the south this winter. We feel lucky to have this option even with everything going on.
      I will not complain about the 30 degrees we awoke to this morning 16 is cold.

  3. I'm the one going 60, letting everyone pass at 75. I did love Hatch's roadside characters. I'll have to check out the RV park. It looks very nice. Enjoy your stay there.

    1. We would be the ones following you at 60. The few times we do pass someone it is an event and I usually take a picture for the
      We are enjoying the quiet of this park.

  4. Glad the journey went well. Hope the weather stays warm. I agree, Kansas is flat. Be heading your way soon. Enjoy.

    1. Looking forward to reading you have started you trek west. FYI: if you are planning on staying at RV Parks and State Parks check ahead. Right now in New Mexico we were disappointed to find out you can only stay at the State Parks if you are a resident of New Mexico.

  5. Great catch up! Awesome pictures! I love your site there, a great place to spend the month! Very private looking and huge! The month will be over before you know it!

    1. Thank You, Shirley.
      We are very pleased with the site. Seriously we cannot believe how fast the time has flown by. We are more then half way through our stay here.