Monday, April 9, 2018

Rusty's RV Ranch, Rodeo, NM and a Couple of Other Things

April 7 & 8, 2018

We spent Saturday quietly here at the RV Park. Tom went and did a couple of loads of wash, there are two washers and dryers here and the price is $1.00 a batch for each. Talk about lucky he walked in both washers were empty by the time he put the batches in there was a line.
While he did that I did some cleaning inside the Stinger "B" and started putting together the pictures for two "catch up" blogs from when we visited the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. (They both will be posted with this one if you would like to check out the two scenic rides we took at the monument. Should you decided to browse through them I hope you enjoy the pictures and information.)

Rusty's RV Ranch

This is a Passport America Park and there is a minimum stay of 3 nights to use the discount. It is a smaller well maintained park and wonderfully peaceful. All the sites are long pull thrus with full hook ups. There are two sites together sort of back to back but at each end of the site, I hope that makes sense. There is a lot of space between us and the RV we are facing. The gentleman who brought us to our site told us they sometimes have two RV's on the same site that are traveling together and believe me there would be plenty of room to do so. It is a Dark Skies Community so no outdoor lights to interfere with star gazing and we were asked to draw our curtains at night. We have noticed several RV's with large telescopes outside. We are definitely planning on coming back to this area in the future. There is a lot more to explore and this would be the place we would park. This park is well booked and we were only able to get reservations for 5 days. So we need to remember to plan ahead if we wish to stay here.

The only negative for us was the lack of an AT&T signal. This is the first time in four years that we can remember not having a phone signal of any kind. There have been times we were not able to use our hotspot but we have always been able to make phone calls. On the positive side this is probably one of the best free WiFi signals we have ever had in a park.

One important thing to remember, when coming here, is to come with a full tank of gas, which we luckily did. The closest gas station, we have been told, is in Animas which is about 15 miles from the park. Plus, I would come with the pantry well stocked; from what I can tell the closes grocery shopping would be in Douglas which is about 58 miles south of here.

Tom spent some time taking a few pictures of the Park up by the Clubhouse.

Our site taken from NM-80

We are parked in Site 17.

We have seen several little bunny rabbits.

Tom saw a Roadrunner and got a picture.

Saturday's Sunset.

Rodeo, NM

Coming back from Douglas today, Sunday, after Mass and some shopping we took a few pictures of Rodeo. 

He was just sitting there at the top left of the sign.
Tom said, it looked like he was watching me take his picture.

What a great gate.

Geronimo Surrender Monument on AZ-80

St. Luke's Catholic Church in Douglas, AZ

One tiny little brave white flower next to where we parked the car for Mass. 

We had lunch at the Casa Segovia Restaurant inside
the Gadsden Hotel a National Historic Site.
The top picture is the staircase in the Lobby.
Bottom Left: The Saddle and Spur Tavern off the Lobby.
Middle: Lions head on an armrest of  a chair in the Lady's Room.
Bottom Right: Is the entrance to hotel.

Note: The Hotel Lobby was worth seeing but the restaurant is not one we would go back to.

AZ-80 going South towards Douglas, AZ

We can see Douglas, AZ in the distance.

Heading North towards Rodeo, NM on AZ-80
I love the gold of the grasslands against the mountains.

At the corner of  NM-80 and NM-9

The other side of the above Scenic Historic Marker
After seeing this without a doubt we will be back.

We had a quiet day on Saturday. Sunday, though it included driving to Douglas, was in many ways a "quiet day", also.  Two days we will look back on and remember as good days.          
Hope you can say the same about your day.

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  1. Going to have to remember that park. It looks very nice and I think we'd enjoy some time there. Quaint little town and it looks pretty clean as well.

    I'm curious if you have cell signal booster and if that would help your NO service. We too have AT&T, actually our Canadian carrier teams with them and since we use our Canadian phones here we too would have an issue.

    Looks like a great place to spend time.

    1. It was a very nice park only 40 long pull through sites so very quite and every thing was clean.
      We do not have a cell booster but I wonder if it would have helped, also. We had to drive about 18 miles north to get a signal. The cell booster is something we will be investing in before we leave in the fall.

      In hindsight...always 20/20...I should have checked into what did work there. We have a track phone and for the future we could possibly buy minutes for it that would work while we are there. Something to check into before next time.

    2. AT&T has put in a new Cell Tower by the Museum. AT&T is now much better than the Verizon 3G cell service. The RV Park has expanded with additional showers and new larger club room with multiple TV's. Loved out stay here and will be coming back soon.

  2. Looks like a nice remote place to visit, enjoy your time there.

  3. The park looks really nice and you have a great campsite.
    Such beautiful pictures, nice to see that someone is still sightseeing! :)
    Enjoy your stay!

    1. It was a great park and we did enjoy it there.
      Only 17 more days, give or take a day, before we pull back into the driveway but I am trying not to think about how fast it will go. The reward will be seeing 3 of our grandkids and then a week later the other 3...and, of course our children...:)
      Stay warm.

  4. Great pics Deb..going to have to remember that park too. Thanks for the recommendation about gas and groceries.

    1. Thanks Shirley. I think you and Ken would enjoy the area and the park.