Saturday, April 21, 2018

276 Miles and We Are In Texas

April 19, 2018

After spending 5 nights at the Spring River RV Park we pulled out this morning and headed East and North our destination somewhere East of Amarillo, TX on I-40.

The Spring River RV Park in Roswell, NM

The Jeep is hooked up and the Stinger "B' is ready to pull out
Tom is just waiting for me to take this picture and get in.

With one last wave from
the "Alien" we are off.

"Hazel" has us on an interesting  back road.

Why "Hazel" was the question of the day.
I am guessing the answer is shortest route.

Then we see our goal US-70

and we are on our way.

No more Cacti and Ocotillos

just the long road ahead.

Someone is getting a good signal.

Not sure what this one little lone "Alien" was doing
out here in the middle of no where.

Free 72 ounce Steak at the Big Texan in Amarillo, TX
All you have to do is eat it with the rest of the meal in 60 minutes.

Train cars laying on their side next to the tracks.

On one side we are looking at golden grass
(love the clouds)

on the other side green fields.

This is one of the best "welcome to" signs we have ever seen.

I am just guessing mind you but this restaurant offers "Something Different"

then the Taco Box

or the Do Drop In

Makes me kind of sad, the one in Escanaba is just the plain
Hong Kong Buffet. They have a "Super" one.

I just thought it was cute.

On Bill's, On Our Way, rating of the roads on this trip he mentioned there
were not rest areas just a picnic area. We found it just in time.

The front end of our awning is not catching.
Tom could see it moving in the mirror.

After digging the ladder out, he is working on it.

Here is what I saw in the park

as I took a walk.

Sometimes it is better for the person

having the "fun" to be alone.

Not sure when they maintain this picnic area,

and I think at one time it was a nice stop,

but it could use some help.

Never the less we were very happy it was there

and Tom had kept the old laces from his work boots.

The grass, was very picky next to where we parked,

but these wild flowers

managed to blossom 

and look beautiful.

We are about to turn left and leave New Mexico in the rear view mirror.

We have made it into Texas.

The road ahead looks pretty much the same.

I would think this was to honor our former First Lady Barbara Bush.

We saw a lot of trains today.

There is just something beautiful, in my eyes, about a
lone building in the middle of the golden grass.

Two trains passing in the day.

This train was long and filled with
Army vehicles of all kinds.

I think this cowboy is trying to peek inside as we go by.

Today's ride is back to our normal travel mode.

We are not passing anyone. Just watching vehicles zoom by
us in a hurry to get somewhere.
It is nice to be able to just enjoy the journey.

On I-40 and going by the Big Texan.

The Cross

and the Britten Leaning Water Tower both familiar.

Then off to our right hundreds of  "little doggies".

 I-40 Rest Area near Clarendon, TX

This is where we stopped to spend the night. Tom had been driving in a good crosswind for a while and it was time to end our drive for the day. After 276 miles we had made our goal, which was to be east of Amarillo.

We had pulled over earlier, before Canyon TX, at a small picnic area and thought about spending the night. The train tracks were very close and after sitting for a little while Tom decided to keep going. Since, he is the one doing the driving I feel it is his decision to make. So I checked the map and found a Rest Area on I-40 about an hour and a half ahead and he felt it was doable. It is the one pictured above.

FYI:  Before we found the picnic area I had called the Walmart in Hereford, TX to see if they allowed overnight parking. The woman I spoke to said, we were welcome to come and shop but not to spend the night. I do not know about the rest of the RVers out there but that particular Walmart will not see any of our money.

It was a long day, especially for Tom driving in the wind, but we ended the day safe and sound.
The wind was still howling when we went to bed but the Stinger "B" was holding pretty steady.
We hope you enjoyed your day.

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  1. There is some small picnic areas along there that you really need to watch for glad you found one enjoy your overnight night there and safe travels home to hopefully sporing time weather.

    1. Fingers Crossed for spring weather ahead of us.
      You really do have to be on the look out for those picnic areas along that route as they do not give you much warning.

  2. Glad your day went well. I enjoyed the pictures of your day. Hopefully warm weather is ahead.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the pictures. We are hoping for warm weather or at least no snow as we head further north.

  3. We haven't been down that road yet so thank you for the tour. Love the leaning water tower. Good thing you phoned ahead to Walmart. Safe Travels.

    1. You are welcome for the tour...:)

      We always call ahead to check before going to a Walmart and this is not the first time we have been told no. Their store their decisions that does not bother us. It was the way she said it that bugged me. A "no we do not" would have sufficed. We heard one of those earlier today in fact.

  4. Yup you're in Texas. Long flat roads without much scenery except trains. I've stayed in a couple of those rest stops ... not many are kept up at all any more.

    1. Yes, Texas is long and least when you go through in the panhandle it does not take forever...:)

      Some of the rest areas, more of the picnic areas I think, do seem to be getting more run down. We stopped at a picnic area in Oklahoma today for lunch and I would not have wanted to get out and eat.