Friday, April 6, 2018

Leaving Quail Ridge RV Resort and A Ride in The Chiricahua Mountains

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Our last day at Quail Ridge was pretty laid back. My plan was to pretty much do nothing and that is what I did. 

Tom spent part of the day getting ready for our departure. Checking tires, putting things away, etc...
Plus, he went down the road to the car wash with the Jeep. He then joined me in his chair to enjoy a relaxing time sitting in the sun.

Sat out under a beautiful blue sky  and read for awhile this afternoon.
Our Happy Hour view of the mountains.
The last sunset at Quail Ridge for this time.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

It is time to move on and at 9:30 AM we pulled out of the Quail Ridge RV Resort after 5 very enjoyable days. This is a no frills RV park though they do have some group activities and there is a small laundry mat. The nice thing about this park besides the price is its location there are several places that can be explored in a short distance. For example: Tombstone, Coronado National Memorial, Tumacacori National Historic Park, Las Cienegas Conservation Area, and Bisbee just to name a few. We have always enjoyed out stay here; the park is always clean and well maintained.

Leaving our site.

We are now headed south on AZ-92

The cottonwoods along the San Pedro River.

Passing by the Queen Mine near Bisbee, AZ

We have turned onto AZ-80 and we are now traveling in an area
of Arizona we have never been through before.
A new adventure!

The views ahead are wonderful 

and though the Saguaros are behind us there are still Ocotillo.

We see a lot of Century Plants along the way.

We can see Douglas, AZ just ahead.
We will be driving back here in a couple of days.

Still on AZ-80 we are now headed north driving through
the San Bernardino Valley.

The views ahead of us

with the beautiful blue sky as a background are wonderful.

The mountains in the distance

and the golden grasses make a wonderful feast for the eyes.

The ever present Border Patrol.

We have crossed into New Mexico.

Just ahead is Rusty's RV Ranch. Our home for the next 5 days.
This is a Passport America Park with very long pull through sites.

After getting set up in our site we needed to take a ride so to access our AT&T data. Looking at the map we decided north was our best bet. We are not that far from I-10 and we have always had a signal when we are on the Interstate. (The free WiFi here at the park is excellent but not something we would ever use to access our bank account which is what we needed to do.) In four years this is only the third time we have had trouble using our hot spot and the first time we have not had use of our phones. Which is strange and extremely quiet at the same time.

Views on our short ride looking for an AT&T signal.
Which we found about 18 miles north of where we are parked.

After the sun set this evening the sky turned a beautiful dark pink.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

The main reason we came this way was to be able to ride up into the Chiricahua Mountains. We have been to the Chiricahua National Monument and it is beautiful with all the rock formations so we thought this would be a great opportunity to experience more of these mountains and their beauty. So that is what we plan on doing while we are here. Pictures of today's ride follow and for the most part I will let them tell the story.

We turned off of AZ-80 and headed down Portal Road then turned onto 42B towards Paradise, AZ. From there we turned right onto San Simon and Paradise Road heading north until we reached north end of Foothills Rd which we took back to Portal Rd.

The views are breathtaking.

Around every corner we found natures wonderful works of art.

We saw so many Century Plants today.

The clouds on the mountains were so beautiful.

Paradise Cemetery and no we did not go in.

Just after seeing this sign we saw a sign saying leaving Paradise
so we turned left and continued on 42B a little bit longer, before turning back
north. After all we wanted to see Paradise.

Have no idea what kind of tree this is but they are beautiful.

Now, we are leaving Paradise and headed north
on San Simon and Paradise Road.

Had to include at least one "wiggle worm" sign. 

Off to our right we could see this wash as we road along
then it crossed the road and was on our left.

There was a surprisingly good strength current.
Tom checking out the temperature of the water which he said was cool.

Both sides of this road were posted.

Not sure what this is but the road up looked treacherous.
We went up a mountain road similar to this last year.
One time was enough!

We decided to take a 5 mile ride down this dead end road.

Note: this road, in our opinion, was not primitive. We had a pick-up truck
go flying by us. 

The clouds over the mountains

were beautiful.

This cow was mooing and coming towards the road.
When I put down the window they all stopped for me to take a picture.

This is were the road ended for us.
The sign said private property and we turned around.

The road up to whatever is at the top looked steeper from this angle.

We have turned onto the Foothills Road.

Did I mention the clouds were beautiful?

Now these people have a view.

Back on Portal Road.
I believe those are the Peloncillo Mountains in the distance

The sun setting on what was a wonderful day.

We are still enjoying the warmth of the southwest and the beauty around us.
Are hope is that you are enjoying your days.

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  1. Nice that your are exploring new places too bad no cell or wifi connection there for your though, gotta be loving that weather.

    1. The weather is wonderful. Luckily the WiFi here at the park is excellent and fairly fast. So if our kids do have to get a hold of us they can use messenger.

  2. Great pictures. We too have AT&T and will keep in mind no cell service in that area. Another area with no AT&T service is City of Rock north of Deming,NM and Coyote Howls/Why/Ajo (although you know this one already). Would like to go back to those areas but with no cell service, I don't feel comfortable there.

    Enjoy your stay!!

    1. Thank you, Deb.
      This is the first time our cell phones have not had a signal for calling where we are parked. We have been out on rides and not had any service in the past. Which is why I usually text our kids and tell them where we are going and if they do not hear from us by the next morning...send help.

      Our hotspot would not work at Coyote Howls but we were able to make and receive calls. Where you not able to make calls there? I can see how not having cell service would be uncomfortable for you. If I was on my own, or if it was me and my daughter, I think I would totally feel the same.

  3. We had to replace Kathy's AT&T phone this year because it wouldn't connect in Quartzsite. No problems with our Verizon phones or MiFi.
    Glad you are still enjoying the warmer temperatures and beautiful scenery.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We are definitely enjoying the weather and the scenery is beautiful.
      When we drove the 18 miles north we had no trouble connecting. I am just guessing there is no tower near us to connect to.
      Though the WiFi here at the park is excellent.

      Take care.

  4. Oh I love your pictures Deb! We've seen all across the country that our Verizon signal doesn't work in a lot of places meaning phone and's amazing. Even at our home, Verizon is the only good signal that is consistent so I'm not surprised you had to drive to find a signal. I do notice I can usually get a text through most places. The views you saw were awesome. Thanks for sharing :))

    1. Thank you, Shirley. We truly have enjoyed our time here the mountains and the grasslands are beautiful.
      We have had trouble getting our hotspot to work a few times in the past but this is the first time we have not had a actual signal to make calls. Nothing just the circle with a slash through it...:( Luckily the wifi here at the RV park is excellent. So I have been able to messenger to keep in touch with our kids.