Tuesday, April 10, 2018

We are in Columbus, NM

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April 9, 2018

I am starting this post with a few more pictures of Rusty's RV Ranch in Rodeo, NM that I took this morning as we prepared to leave.

Wonderful long sites, information about the park says 200 feet, and the
way they are laid out you feel the privacy.

Between these pictures and yesterday's post I am pretty sure you can tell we loved it here.

The only draw back, as I mentioned was the lack of an AT&T signal but with the excellent WiFi provided at the park we can make do.

One more bit of information, all the electricity at this park is provided by an array of Solar panels located just behind our site and we had 50amps.

After reading, Al and Kelly's Blog,  Travel With The Bayfield Bunch and Doug's Blog, Miss Adventure Travels, about their drive through New Mexico on their respective trips southwest to escape the snowy northeast in January. I decided to do some research and the results, after talking with Tom, is the trek we are on now as we head back to the northeast. Thank you, Al and Doug for the information. Rodeo, NM was a great stop and we hope to head back there again in the future and now Columbus, NM is certainly a wonderful gem to be enjoyed. The history here is something we are going to thoroughly enjoy exploring. We spent a short time yesterday, only about an hour after we set up, at the Pancho Villa State Park Visitor Center. The gentleman we met was a wealth of information about the history of the area and we are looking forward to going back this coming Friday, the next time he volunteers, to continue our education. We only hope nothing changes his schedule and he is there. 

As of today, we have officially pointed the Stinger "B" east as we begin our slow trek back to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. From now on we will either be traveling east or north with a plan to stay as far south in the warmer temperatures as long as we can.

Some of the distance views

as we made our way east

on NM-9 to our next destination.

Because I read the blogs I mentioned above we made one stop today.

Through the Cafe's window.

A place to sit if the line was long.

No gas today.
Then I noticed this place, so maybe we could get gas here if needed.

frozen in time.

We continue to see lots of Century Plants.

I love seeing windmills in the distance.

We are near the border and the Border Patrol is ever present.

Then in the distance the green

and then this sign.

You cannot tell from the pictures but these fields are rows and rows of onions.

Fence posts but no fence.
We did not see and cattle except in the distance.

Then Columbus was just ahead

and we turned right at the entrance to the Pancho Villa State Park.
This is the site we picked, water and electricity. We found a 50 amp pedestal.

This park, even though we have seen a couple of occupied Camp Host sites, is self serve with a couple of pay sites throughout the park. We thought we would have to pay more for the 50 amps, most of the sites are 30 amp, but according to the information it is $14 a night for electricity and water. Our original plan, you all know about the "plan", was to spend 3 nights here. Then we took the time to check the weather ahead and found out the entire route to our next destination will have high winds Thursday and Friday, which would be two of our travel days. So, new "plan", we will stay put here until Saturday morning and enjoy every minute.

Note: We do have an AT&T signal here but our hotspot internet is intermittent, slow and weak. 

We had a great travel day, blue skies and hardly any wind, and have arrived at a wonderful spot to spend our next few days. We are looking forward to doing a little exploring maybe even heading 
over the Pink Store in Palomas, Mexico we have heard about. Really not sure what the next few 
days will hold for us but I do know we will enjoy each of them as they unfold. 
Hope you will be able to say the same as each of your days unfold.

If you would like to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. What a wonderful area there in Columbus the visitor centre all the history we enjoyed last fall. The Pink store is interesting there and worth a stop we had lunch in the restaurant there very good. Nothing like Los Algodones though, keep having too much fun and travel safely..

    1. It is a wonderful area and a very nice park. We are hoping to get over to the Pink Store.

  2. Rusty's RV park looks lovely! As for the AT&T, if you ever just have wifi, you can use Messenger on Facebook to call free and Hangouts is even better, because they don't have to be on it at home.
    Nice pictures and nice to see you had a great travel day to another nice park and CHEAP! woohoo. We love NM for those type of prices. Cold weather still hanging on so still take it slow and enjoy the extra time there.

    1. I will have to check out Hangouts...we did use messenger. The days we spent there were very quiet with no phone ringing...LOL not a totally bad thing.
      This is our first stay in a New Mexico State Park but I am sure it will not be our last. Clean and Cheap...a perfect combination. Woohoo is right.
      We are doing our best to stay south but I know it will have to end soon. Predicted temperatures for our return are 45 degrees...:( at least above freezing.

  3. Amazing that the park is run on solar. It's a nice looking park, like the big spaces.

    We too checked out Pancho Villa Park and would stay there for a bit as well. We found the folks very friendly and helpful in the park.

    No hurry to come north, still cold.

    Enjoy your stay.

    1. It is amazing I knew that solar was being used but was surprised to find out it provided all the electricity.
      We would definitely come back here. Friendly, helpful people and the park is clean.
      I am hoping the north "thaws" soon. As we will not have a choice about turning north in a couple of weeks.
      Safe travels and stay warm.

  4. Always love New Mexico State Parks. Certainly the rates are nice for water and electric! Love all the pictures! Your saying at the end is so true, hard to believe it's almost middle of April! Enjoy your time and will look forward to your pictures!

    1. We have not spent a lot of time in New Mexico and this is our first experience at one of their State Parks. I am pretty sure it will not be our last.
      As we get closer to the date we need to be back in Escanaba time seems to be speeding up considerably.

  5. I love the history of those small towns! It's nice to know big rigs will fit in their parks. I just added it to my list!!

    1. Having read your blogs I am sure you would love the history here. The great thing about this park is except for a couple of sites they are pull thrus. We found out after we parked, if we would have went to the visitor center first and picked up a map we would have had a list of the 50 amp sites...hindsight 20/