Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Traveling East and North in New Mexico on Saturday

April 14, 15, & 16, 2018


Up early enough on Saturday to see the sun rise it was a little cooler but the wind we had been experiencing the last couple of days was just a slight breeze. We have enjoyed out stay here at the Pancho Villa State Park in Columbus, NM but it is time to move on. The plan for the day was to be on the road between 8 and 9 AM, we turned onto NM-9 at 9:15. We are headed to Roswell, NM our last official stop on this our 4th Adventure.

Site 51 was a perfect stie for the Stinger "B" water and 50 amps.

Pulling out.

Driving by Pat and Buddy's  home on wheels.
Safe Travels and hope to see you again down the road.

We are heading East on NM-9

Today's pictures of the road ahead are being taken through
a very dirty windshield that even "spot fix" cannot totally fix.

I am pretty sure I took this one because I could see the "fence" in the distance.
Looking South towards Mexico.

We are getting close to I-10

just north of El Paso.

Then we are in Texas

heading West on I-10 to Anthony, TX 

It may have been a short visit but, it is Texas after all,
there has to be at least one picture of the star.

The Stinger "B" has a full tank of diesel, Tom has cleaned her windshield,
and merging back on I-10 West we are back in New Mexico.

We are now cutting across from I-10 to US-54 and we are back in Texas.

The last couple of miles were a little bumpy. 

After stopping for diesel in Anthony, TX I put the name of a city on US-54 that was north of where we where on I-10 into Google Maps and "Hazel" very nicely directed us across to US-54. (We took exit 162 and went onto NM-404 heading East. Then we took a couple of different local roads which I do not remember the name of.) Reaching US-54 we headed North and from there we connected to US-70 going East at Tularosa, at Hondo US-380 merges with US-70, and this brought us to Roswell, NM and then Spring River RV Park our destination for the day.

We are back again in New Mexico were we will stay until Thursday
when we will visit Texas again.

Not sure what kind of tank this is but that is a picture
of a roadrunner on its side.

You may wonder why this picture?
Tom very seldom passes another vehicle so I like to document these moments.
Side note: I am not complaining, I could care less if we ever pass a vehicle.

The road ahead.

I had just mentioned, minutes before this, that we had not seen one
Border Patrol checkpoint and then ahead there it was.

A "red letter day" we are actually passing a second vehicle.

We could see what I believe is called a "Dust Devil"'

Then we could see tiny little tumble weeds twirling in the wind.
Then we felt it hit the side of the Stinger "B".

The road ahead's scenery did not disappoint one time today.

It is hard to see but at the peak is a white cross.

We saw these as we were driving through Mescalero on US-70.

There were several sections

and these are the ones I was able to capture.

The ones on our right were harder 

to get a clear shot of.

They were actually nicely done.

Some how I think the message is we are about to go downhill

and there may be falling rocks.

We could see a peek of something beautiful and
then we turned the corner ahead.

This without a doubt was my favorite view of the day.

New Mexico "grows" some of
the same kind of pine trees as Arizona.

You need to know that with Tom and I it is a on going joke.
We are passing a third vehicle, a wonderful old jeep.
I am pretty sure we passed more vehicles today then we have
in the past four months.

We must be getting close to Roswell the Aliens have appeared.

How can I not include a sign Welcoming us to Tinnie.

I cannot help myself, I have to say it.
The speed limit on US-70 is 70. I think it is cute.

We are in Roswell.


We attended Mass Sunday morning at the Assumption Catholic Church. We had the privilege of being there to witness a small group of their parish children receive their First Holy Communion.

This church had the most beautiful stained glass windows and each panel told a story.

These two, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Sacred Heart of Mary,
or on either side of the entrance door.

After mass we went to breakfast at the Cowboy Cafe.
This is a tiny busy restaurant. We were directed to an L-shaped table,
it was the last one available. When the couple behind us had no were to sit
we offered them the other end of the "L". They were on their way home to
Phoenix. The conversation was excellent. No one thought of a picture.


Today we had planned on doing something then it turned into a Tom went to the laundry mat and I organized pictures and played blog "catch up".  That was about it for the day. No pictures and no more words.

If you would like to leave a comment, we would enjoy hearing from you.
If not, we are still happy you stopped by.


  1. What a great driving day you had. The pictures document a beautiful trip. When graffiti is that nice, you don't mind it at all.
    Now Tom is just showing off! Passing ALL those vehicles. :)
    Have fun in Roswell at your park. Enjoy the weather, it looks lovely!

    1. We were hoping to stay at the Bottomless State Park but every time we checked they were full. The ambiance here leaves a little to be desired, though we do have full hookups and a laundry.
      I know, what a "show off" though I told him passing the cute old Jeep was nothing to brag

  2. I'm with Tom ... I like going slow, enjoying the drive and the scenery while everyone else flies by. Enjoy Roswell!

    1. We both enjoy going slow and enjoying the journey, also. Something we never could do when we had "2 weeks" to see it all.

  3. What a beautiful drive! Love all those pics. Ken very rarely passes another vehicle either and like you, that's fine with me. The church is beautiful, those stained glass windows are amazing! How nice that you made new friends in the restaurant and got a good meal too I assume. Enjoy your time and we'll look forward to new pictures!

    1. It is wonderful to just enjoy the journey and watch vehicles go flying past. We remember those days when we were in one of those vehicles and much prefer this mode of traveling...:)
      The food was just breakfast, not bad but not we need to go back there good. Sitting with the other couple was the fun part.

  4. A nice drive you had enjoy your and the Roswell alien fun. Too bad your did not get to Bottonmess lakes we really enjoy that park. But the Aliens are fun.

  5. The UFO Museum was certainly interesting. We had hoped to enjoy the State Park but we when we checked for a site it said they were full. Hopefully if we come this way again we will get there.

  6. Great pictures of a leisurely trip.
    Bottomless State Park is a First Come First Serve park but very enjoyable.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you.
      When Tom checked on line all the spots at the park were taken. Plus, we did not know what time we would get there so we opted to reserve a spot at the park we ended up at. Next time we will just take our chances and drive in and see if we can get a spot at Bottomless State Park. We have heard it is a nice spot.