Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Arizona Sunset and A Ride Down Price Canyon Road (Catch up)

 Tuesday, November 17, 2020

I went into Sierra Vista this afternoon to do some shopping. Tom is starting a project; he is cleaning and waxing the roof. I decided to leave and let him have that fun all by himself. After visiting three stores as I pulled back onto AZ-90 I could see the sun beautifully making its way down for the day. The sun's rays were bursting out from behind the clouds. No camera just the one on my phone but believe me the colors were beautiful.

This is above what I believe are the 
Huachuca Mountains.

Then I stopped just before Huachuca City.

The last shot I took was just before I turned into 
Quail Ridge and it picked up the best color.

Friday, October 23, 2020

So the second ride we took was down Price Canyon Road on a recommendation from our friends Melissa and Lyle. They actually dry camped down this road a few years ago. The mountains you see are also the Chiricahua Mountains and this is in Arizona. The majority of the road is fairly decent and wide and we could see homes, ranches, off in the distance as we drove.  The last few miles did narrow down and get a little rougher but we think the Stinger "B" would make it. Just would not want to meet another RV going in the opposite direction. There was, infact, a travel trailer parked in the spot they talked about. It would certainly be a very quiet spot to spend some time. 

Turning on to Price Canyon Road

and the first thing we encounter is this guy.
He posed very nicely.

This road is through open range.

Looking over green bushes

and golden grass at the mountains in the distance,

for us, these types of views never get old.

One of the ranch gates.

Entering the Coronado National Forest.
This is where the road narrows.

Turning here and in few hundred feet the road "Y's".

We followed the road to the left first.

To the right the road went into 

a couple of washes.

The green trees with the mountains behind and
the blue sky above made for some beautiful views.

The vastness in the southwest is always amazing;

the views seem to go on forever.

Back on AZ-80 I took this picture as a reminder
of a road we plan on exploring next time. 

Peloncillo Mountains in the distance and
 are in New Mexico.
Soon we will be back to where are home is parked.

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  1. I didn't read it, at work now, but very nice pictures! We like the cows!

  2. Lovely pictures! Thank you for the journey. The sunset photos went straight to my heart. :D

    1. I love watching sunsets and as nice as this park is you really do not see them so I was glad I was out on the road just wish I would have had my camera. Glad you liked them.

  3. I do love the southwest. My heart feels most at peace in the desert.

    1. I would have to agree there is a peace found in the beauty of the dessert.

  4. Another beautiful drive and a stunning sunset!

    1. I just wish the pictures did the sunset justice.

  5. I'm saving your directions ... I'd love to check this out. Skeleton Canyon ... who could pass that up?

    1. We decided to save it for next time. Something to look forward to. If you are heading south on AZ-80 it is just past the Geronimo Surrender Monument and if you reach Price Canyon Road you need to turn around.

  6. That last sunset picture was perfect. I agree with Nancy that Skeleton Canyon is a must.

    1. That was my favorite picture of the sunset. Wish I would have had my camera. Pretty exact directions to the road above.

  7. Loved all the pictures. You're making us jealous.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Glad you loved the pictures. Wish you guys were out this way taking your own pictures. Take care.

  8. I love this catch up beautiful pictures! Just gorgeous!!

  9. Reading about the places you went and having been there ourselves makes it so much more interesting and have us yearning to be there too. I was wondering if the small RV campground of K & N on Hwy 82 is still operational. We stayed there a couple of years ago and liked it very much. Met a lot of interesting and some famous people that stayed there too.

    1. Yes, I am pretty sure it is still open. I think that is were a couple we know stayed last year. We are planning to take a ride that way in the next couple of days and I will try and pay better attention.