Thursday, November 12, 2020

We Have Moved to Arizona

Thursday, November 12, 2020

I am a day late but no less grateful.  I would like to take a moment to thank and honor those in our family that served. First Tom and his brother Jerry, my brother Frank, and our son Thomas.  We remember every day both of our fathers who served in the Army during World War II, We also think of friends, children, and grandchildren of friends with gratitude for their service. To each of you we say, Thank You For Your Service! 

We would also like to take a moment to say, Thank You to Our Canadian Friends who have served. As we observe Veteran's Day in the the US on November 11th our neighbor to the north, Canada, observes Remembrance Day. 

Well, if we are friends on facebook, you already have seen the picture below and  know we left Rusty's RV Ranch near Rodeo, New Mexico on Tuesday, November 10th. We did so under beautiful blue skies. Check out was at 11 o'clock and we pulled out of our site right on time. We only had about 124 miles to go to our next destination so there was no real hurry. So we enjoyed our coffee and slowly got ready to pull out. We really enjoyed our time here. The quiet and slow pace of this month was something we both needed. 

(If you click on the picture it should open larger in another window. Though the front windshield was pretty dirty so it might be better to view it the size below...😎)

The Jeep is hooked up and we are ready to go. The
picture in the upper right is looking towards the
entrance of the park. We will miss the quiet of this
 place but it is time to move on.

The ever present Border Patrol keeping us safe.

We are on AZ-80
and even though we have made this trip a few times
in the last month the views never disappoint.

The golden grass along with the green bushes and
the mountains in the distance are beautiful.

We can now see Douglas in the distance.

Turning North onto US-191.
By the time I got the camera up and focused we were
past the cemetery. Most of the cemetery's in the 
southwest are filled with flowers and memories.
All very colorful.
Something we seldom, if ever, see back home.

More mountains and golden grass.

I wish the true golden color of the grass came through.

We reached McNeal and turned West onto Davis Road.
A windmill and a "wiggle worm" sign, two things
that always make me smile.

The road ahead.
You can probably tell I love the beauty of
the colors as we make our way to today's  destination.

We are back on AZ-80 and as you can see going
through Tombstone on Freemont Street.

This picture is out of order. It was just after we turned
onto AZ-80 before Tombstone. I already had the 
collage done yet I still wanted to include it.

We have now reached our last turn for the day.
We will be heading west on AZ-82.

If we would have continued North we would have
stopped for a short visit with these guys.

You are looking at  my favorite stretch of this road.
We can see the the line of green trees stretching in
both directions, my picture of that did not turn out, in 
the distance. Then we cross over the San Pedro River.
I could not see any water flowing today.

Stopping at the intersection of AZ-90.

The entrance to Quail Ridge RV Resort.

Pulling into what will be home for the next month.
A new addition since last year, bottom right picture,
a dog park.

As I mentioned above our journey here was a short one, just a couple of hours. We are now settled into our site for the month. We like this area and this park. We actually have stopped here at least once every year during our adventures. Even though the sites are a lot smaller and closer then Rusty's we know we will enjoy our time here. Bonus: as we are all aware the coronavirus has had an impact on travel and staying in RV Parks. Some parks are requiring that you are totally self-contained to stay as they have all the facilities closed. Some like this one have the bathrooms and laundry facilities open but nothing else. None as far as we have seen have any activities or pools open. When we checked in, and this is the bonus, they asked if we would like Thanksgiving Dinner. Surprised we said yes and she explained the owner loves Thanksgiving and so he and the staff are cooking dinner and will be delivering it to our door. Not as great as getting to gather at the clubhouse where we would get to sit and chat and meet new people but special of them to do just the same. Side note: this park is full.

We are glad you stopped by!
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Surprised park is full. I guess no Canadians makes a difference. Enjoy your stay.

    1. Even last year this park was full or close to it when we inquired. I think the price, location and in general upkeep is all adding to its popularity.

  2. That part of the country is so beautiful this time of year. I'm glad you made it. If you haven't seen it yet, check out Fairbank and the little cemetery. I'm surprised the RV parks are full too, especially since most Canadians are still in Canada.

    1. Like I mentioned to Doug we actually have noticed the popularity of this park going up. We would totally agree this is a beautiful area and we always enjoy our time here. Will put your suggestion on our list of things to do. Thank you.

  3. Welcome back to one of the best places to be for the winter - AZ. I wonder if the park you're in has a lot of new rvers this year. I keep reading about all the packed parks. Stay safe.

    1. That is a good question because we have read there are a lot more people RVing since the pandemic. This park, though, like I mentioned above has become more crowded in the last couple of years.

      We would agree about Arizona and winter which is why we will be in the state, hopefully in a couple different areas, for several months.

      Stay safe, also.

  4. Enjoy your stay. We always liked that park. George especially since we would go to Tombstone and Big Nose Kate's for their Reuben sandwich.

    1. I am pretty sure the main reason we went to Big Nose Kate's the first time was reading it on your blog. This is one of Tom's favorite stops, like George, because of Tombstone and lunch at Big Nose Kate's.

  5. Your pictures bring back memories of traveling through that area and spending the night at Rusty's RV Park.
    With the International Borders still closed to non-essential travel most Canadians are still up north.
    Be Safe exploring and Enjoy your Thanksgiving while Social Distancing.

    It's about time.

    1. The nice thing about Rusty's is you can pull in for the night and never unhook because of the long sites. It is such a quiet peaceful area.
      We are missing our Canadian friends because of that Border being closed.
      Take care.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed your road trip. I wish someone would knock on my door and offer Thanksgiving dinner! Thank you for remembering our veterans.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the trip. I know I am so thrilled about having Thanksgiving Dinner delivered. Would be nicer to be enjoying it in the clubhouse but this is really a nice gesture on the owners part.

  7. We always enjoy staying at Quail Ridge and exploring the area. We are missing being in the south west and seeing all of are friends there. enjoy your time there and keep the pictures coming.

    1. Like I mentioned to Patsy, we thought of you guys when we pulled in as we knew you enjoyed the times you have spent here also. We certainly are missing our Canadian friend this winter. We pray and hope things are so different in a year.

  8. Happy to hear your travels went safely. Thanksgiving Dinner is a big deal, it sounds like you won the jackpot when they asked you if you wanted Thanksgiving dinner.. Looks like a nice place and it sure beats snow and cold. Enjoy

    1. It certainly was a very pleasant surprise to learn they would be delivering Thanksgiving Dinner. This is a very nice place, in our opinion, and we always enjoy our stay here. I would agree beats snow and cold.

  9. That is nice that you don't have to cook Thanksgiving dinner.. #jealous #andBlessed

    I do have to cook.. booooo

    1. It will be nice to have dinner cooked and delivered. No complaints here. Though you know your Dad and I have agreed to make Grandpa Duchaine's stuffing. I think if that is all we had at Thanksgiving he would be xoxo