Thursday, April 8, 2021

In Sayre, Oklahoma Where We Waited Out the Wind

Tuesday, April 7, 2021

We are presently at the Sayre City Park. The wind started Sunday later in the afternoon and we stopped at a Safety Rest Area just east of Amarillo, Texas. That wind continued through the night and into the morning. Looking at the weather we felt our best choice was to find a place to wait it out. We have stopped at this park in the past and knew it was not to far down the road.  So we slowly headed there in the morning luckily the wind was mostly behind us. After about two hours we pulled into this park. There are several long pull through sites with water and electric plus a dump station here and for $12 it is an excellent overnight stop or even for a couple of nights. It is a very nice city park with a playground for kids and pool, which is not open yet. They have a picnic area, a golf course, a pond where Tom saw several people fishing, and a walking trail.   As I sit here writing this tonight the wind has finally stopped and it is really quiet. It looks like tomorrow will be a good travel day so we will be off in the morning. 

Update: This morning April 8th it is a beautiful calm day and we are getting ready to pull out.

Below is another catch up post.

Quail Ridge, March 22, 2021 through the Morning of March 31, 2021 

We arrived at the Quail Ridge RV Park around noon on Monday, March 21st. After we pulled into our site I headed over to Sierra Vista to pick up a curbside order I had placed at Walmart a couple of days before. While I was gone friends, Elva and Jerry, arrived and pulled into a site right across the road from us. After getting our groceries put away we put our chairs out behind the Stinger "B" and they walked over with their chairs. It was nice sitting in the sun spending time catching up and just chatting. Basically we had a very nice Happy Hour. 

After calling several tire places and not being able to locate the tires he wanted for the Jeep Tom ended up ordering them online through Walmart. The closest Walmart to where we were headed that could put them on the Jeep was in Douglas, AZ. So on Tuesday, March 23rd ,we headed there to have them put on. I will only say about the experience the Jeep does have the new tires Tom wanted on it and we had a nice ride.    (I typed March 23rd and a flood of feelings hit me. It would have been my Mom's 93rd Birthday. This is the 21st Birthday she has celebrated in heaven. Somedays it seems like forever since she has been gone and other days it feels like just yesterday we were talking on the phone.) 

Coming out of Sierra Vista on AZ-90 we can see the line of
Cottonwoods along the San Pedro River in the distance.

Coming through the Mule Pass Tunnel then passing 
Bisbee and the Lavender Pit Mine.

The ride to Douglas, AZ on AZ-80 continues.

As we headed back to Quail Ridge and through 
the Mule Pass Tunnel I was able to capture 
the light at the end of the tunnel.

One of my favorite views heading North 
on AZ-80 after leaving Bisbee.

Looking over at the clouds as we head into Sierra Vista.

Elva and Jerry in front of their beautiful home.

Time seems to fly by when we are in the Southwest and it looked like we were not going to have the opportunity to spend time with this couple this year. Tom and I had been going back and forth about stopping at Quail Ridge again since we had been there in December. Tom wanted to get the motorhome washed and waxed and the Jeep needed a thorough cleaning and for a small fee this park does allow motorhome washing. Then I heard they were going to be at Quail Ridge so we made a call and were pleasantly surprised to get a spot in the park. So in the end we got to go out to lunch at Big Nose Kate's with Elva and Jerry plus spend a couple of Happy Hours chatting away. It was so nice to have this time together looking forward to next time. Plus, the Stinger "B" did get her bath.

Another couple we did not expect to see this year,
Michelle and Doug. We found out through Facebook they were
 just a few miles away at an RV Park outside of Tombstone.

After some checking back and forth we drove over on 
Sunday for  a short visit. They were there with another
 couple so we were glad it worked out. 
 Always nice to reconnect with friends. 

There is in Tombstone what is listed as the World's Largest Rose Tree. Tom and I had seen the sign for the Museum in the past. Then Nancy, Kissack Adventures , mentioned in her blog she had a rose blooming from a cutting taken from this Rose Tree. So I was intrigued. We do not have a place to plant one right now but our children both do. Well it turns out I am cheap because my research told me it would cost $5 to get into the museum then $15 for the cutting. I started thinking the cutting could die before we get it planted in Michigan so we did not make that visit. Then I remembered there is a large rose tree behind Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Tombstone.  Probably not as large but it is the one we visited for free. No cuttings here but still worth the ride by.

The Rose Tree behind Sacred Heart Church. There is a small
shrine here and someone was in prayer and we did not want
to interrupt with closer pictures.

We spotted a couple of roses.

Heading back to Sierra Vista we went over the San Pedro.

I took this on Tuesday, March 30th. This is on AZ-90 as you 
are coming out of Huachuca City. The Whetstone Mountains 
are in the distance and the highway looks like it goes on 
forever. It is a great view and the picture does not do it justice.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021 ( The Stinger "B" is headed North and East)

After spending several days more than we planned today under beautiful blue skies we pulled out and started heading north and then east. 

She looks so clean and shiny. 

Watching the Whetstone Mountains on our left they will 
soon be behind us. This is the first time in six years of 
driving down AZ-90 we have seen this Check Point closed.
It is sad and scary to see. I do not believe in getting political
on my blog but there is a crisis down here on the border and
this closure, along with others,  is a sign of how bad it is. 

I spotted this as we were pulling out of the Love's Travel Stop 
in Benson. I have no words they have a mask on the dinosaur.

Merging onto I-10 and into Road Work.

We will see these signs for several miles.

Then there are the boulders hanging onto the mountain side.

We are driving into the Texas Canyon.
There is a rest area here and we stopped to have lunch.

As we were leaving the rest area we spotted this RV.
We admit defeat they win in the color brightness category.

Continuing East.

We see a lot of semis moving our supplies down the road.

Then we leave Arizona behind and cross into New Mexico.

It is dry. We usually see some standing water in here.

This is where we had planned/hoped to stop for the night.
They have casitas you can park by with a picnic table.
The first side was full, the truck/RV parking was full and the
turn for the other side where there were some vacant spots 
we could not turn into because of how the parking was filled.

These two pictures are out of order but needed to be included.
This is how we usually see Semis, passing us on the left.

I have often say, if we pass anyone I take a picture because
it is an Today was a "red letter" day 
the Stinger "B" passed not one but two Semis. 

The rest area was full so we kept going and saw this sign and
took the exit. We spent the night at the 81 Palms RV Park.
It is located in Deming, New Mexico.

It was easily the most level park we have ever stayed at.
We had full hookups and they are long sites so we did not
need to unhook. Not wanting to pay that extra dollar we
were on our way before the 11 am checkout.  It really is a
very nice park and we had a good night here.

We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. I sure hope that was the end of the wind and you have safe travels.

    1. We did have safe travels but we did still feel some wind. It did feel good to get into Indiana where it has been colder but calmer.

  2. It was quite windy but luckily mostly from behind. Some purple and green MH you saw and the pea green Jeep fit right in๐Ÿ˜„ Great pictures of Texas Canyon and the Whetstone Mountains. Safe travels.

    1. It was hitting us from behind but then we would curve and it would hit on the side. We had the time so stopping was the best choice for us. Glad you made it home safe and sound.

  3. Wonderful Pictures, Lots of memories.
    Some truckers slow down when they are Multi-Tasking.
    The next time you are in Deming you need to visit the Adobe Deli.
    A real hole in the wall old school but the Food and Drinks are the best.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Will have to put that on our places to visit next time we are in that area. Thank you for the information. Stay safe.

  4. You are making good progress. Hopefully you don't have any more wind to deal with. The Stinger B may not be as "colorful" but it wins for prettiest.

    1. Thank you for saying not tell anyone but we do

  5. After thinking we weren't going to see you this happened! Safe travels....may God's angels travel with you.

    1. Thank you.
      It was really was great that it worked out that we got to see you guys. Stay safe.

  6. It was good to see you two again! Safe travels until next time. Doug and Michelle

    1. It was nice to get that chance to spend some time catching up. Stay safe.

  7. Yikes ... I don't remember those cuttings being that pricey. Nice RV park with pull-thrus. I'll have to remember that one. Glad you got out of the wind. I definitely have to get in that I-don't-have-to-get-there-today mode and wait out windy weather. Safe travels ......

    1. If we had a place to plant the cutting in Arizona I may have considered it but then I got to thinking the rose tree may not like living in Michigan.
      It really is a nice City Park. We mostly travel in that mode and that does make it more relaxing when we do decide not to move because of the weather or we just do not feel like it.