Friday, April 16, 2021

It is Spring!

I know not everyone will agree with me 
but I think this little yellow perennial herb is beautiful.
Nothing says Spring like seeing whole fields of
these little yellow sun shines.

Friday, April 16, 2021

We are at a The Last Resort Campgrounds near Hanna, Indiana we pulled in four days ago after traveling five days and about 1,120 miles. Not sure were the time goes all I do know it seems to be picking up speed. We are about 70 miles from Elkhart, Indiana and have stopped in this area to check on some new furniture, countertops, and flooring for the Stinger "B".  Not sure what we will find but are hoping to get some ideas and possibly set up a time to have some things installed possibly the end of September. 

When we pulled in the living room slide as we were getting ready to leave Roswell Tom noticed it was not coming in flush. So over the next couple of days he did some research, made some phone calls, and was able to get an appointment at Custom RV Repair in Elkhart, Indiana. This repair shop is a busy place and we could tell immediately when we got there there Wednesday morning not lacking for business. Tom had spoken with the owner, Bryan Caruthers, about a week ago and he said he would look at it and do his best to take care of our issue. Well this morning he did just that, plus he noticed a corner of our slide seal needed to be replaced so he took care of that, also. He said he did not have enough on hand to do the whole slide but recommended we have it  replaced in the next year. All together the Stinger "B" was in his shop for about 90 minutes and our total cost was one hour of labor.  We can see why the reviews on this place give him 4.9 out of 5. If you need work on your RV and are in this area we would highly recommended this place. We know for a fact we would come back here again.

The pond here April 14th in the early morning light as we
were hooking the Jeep up before heading over to
Custom RV Repair.

You will have to take my word for it but the sun looked like 
a perfect orb through these trees as it was coming up this 
morning. Wish the picture would have captured it.

(The rest of the blog is our ride from Sayer, Oklahoma to this campgrounds, Last Resort Campgrounds in Hanna, Indiana. Not sure about the order of all the pictures but they are under the right day.)

Thursday, April 8, 2021 
(Sayre, OK to Rest Area off of I-40 in McIntosh County Oklahoma)

There were little purple wild flowers along the edge of our
site, a few yellow dandelions, and one perfect wish one.
A wish for good health and safe travel for family and friends.

This is a nice city park besides the campgrounds there is
a swimming pool, 9 hole golf course, playground, fishing
pond, baseball diamond, livestock arena to name a few.

Plus, a mini golf course.

Gives you an idea which way the wind blows.

At Elk City, Indiana

It looked to me like someone had waved a large
white ribbon up and down along the edge of the Interstate.

Always nice to see a flag waving against a blue, blue sky.

We saw a lot of red buds along the way.

Going through Oklahoma City.

Twin water towers.

I have no idea what river this is it is just nice 
to look down and see water flowing.

We ended this first day at a rest area on I-40. It is listed as such but is really just a parking area. We were parked with another motorhome and a 5th wheel plus the semis coming and going. There was garbage strewn everywhere even though a dumpster is provided. No facilities is not an issue for us and it ended up being a fairly quiet night. A personal comment,  I do not know if I would have felt safe here if we could not just start the engine and take off without getting out.

Friday, April 9, 2021
( Rest Area in Oklahoma to Walmart in Morrilton, Arkansas)

You cannot tell from the picture but those semis were coming 
up a good size hill. It looked like the one semi had slowed 
considerably. We saw him pull onto what shoulder there was
to get out of the way. Glad we were not on that side.

Again glad we were heading East. The West side was
pretty much bumper to bumper for several miles.

Spent the night at the Walmart in Morrilton, AK. The one thing nice about the Walmarts not being open 24 hours is it usually quiets right down around 11 o'clock when they close. Though as some employees were leaving tonight they thought we would enjoy hearing there music.

Saturday, April 10, 2021 
(Walmart in Morrilton, AK to Walmart in Sikeston, Missouri)

Still getting used to how beautifully green everything is.

How could I not include a water tower in the city of 
Beebe, AK. I just loved the name. 

We stopped for the night at a Walmart in Sikeston. It really was pretty quiet there for a very busy area. The drive through at the McDonalds across the way and the China Buffet across the street both had a steady stream of customers. I was sitting in my chair when we had a  "look see" guy drive slowly by. Poor guy did not know were to look when I We ended up having a good night here. 

Sunday, April 11, 2021 
(Walmart in Sikeston, MO to Walmart in Terre Haute, Indiana)

Crossing over the Mississippi River and we are officially in 
the East. We have crossed over at several different spots over 
the years and it still is an exciting moment going east or west.

I have to say we have seen a lot of interesting things on these
signs over the highway but this was definitely a first.

We were in Illinois when I took this at a Rest Area.
The interesting thing is they have a 3 hour maximum stay limit.

I just decided to take some pictures of the semis 

passing by us today.

Towards the end of today's drive the rain started.

At some point we crossed into Indiana
 our destination for the next week.

The wind was with us most of the day.
Not sure were this was but I could not believe when it 
perfectly unfurled in the wind as we drove by

When we arrived at the Walmart in Terre Haute the first thing we noticed were the signs saying no overnight parking. I had called earlier and was told they do allow overnight parking but it would not be the first time we were given the wrong information. So I called again and the woman I spoke to said that yes they do have those signs up but we could park. So we dicided to just stay and we ended up spending a very quiet night there and no one came by and told us to move. 

Monday, April 12, 2021 
( Walmart in Terre, Haute, IN to Last Resort Campground in Hanna, Indiana)

I have no idea what this building is but thought it was 
beautiful. This was in Terre Haute, Indiana.

US-41 a familiar sign. 
We have been to the northern tip more then once. In the
next couple of years we just might make it to the southern tip.

You know you are in farm country 
when the water tower is painted like a Holstein.

Just a few more miles and we will be parked 
in our new "home" for eight nights. 

We had reservations for a week starting Tuesday but we traveled faster then we planned called this morning and our spot was available early. This campgrounds is mostly filled with seasonal rigs with a few sites for transients. There has been a steady incoming rigs today. It is a nice campgrounds and fairly quiet right now. I have a feeling as the weather warms it is filled with families enjoying their weekends it is that type of park. They have a swimming pool, playground area, a large pond for catch and release fishing and we have seen some paddle boats out there. They have horseshoes, basketball and volleyball areas along with a large dog park. There is a laundry room plus all the sites have fire rings and picnic tables. The best part for us is it is a Passport America and right now it is available with no restrictions. We would stop here again even though it is not as close as we would have liked to have been to Elkhart. 

Next week we will be near our son and his family then a couple weeks after that we will be back up in the UP.  Besides have time with our family and friends this summer we will be doing another round of purging of "stuff" in our storage unit.  For the next few days we will be doing some relaxing. 


We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. I'm happy the dandelions make you smile. It's true that most just want to get them out of their lawns. :) We need to find joy wherever we can in these times. 🌻

    1. That is true about finding joy wherever we can especially in these times. When I see a water tower I think is especially "cute" you and George come to mind which makes me smile, also.

  2. Love reading your blog and seeing all your pictures. Travel safe and enjoy the U.P.

    1. Thank you, Romy. Always nice to read someone enjoyed the blog. Stay safe.

  3. It's nice to see such pretty green countryside. I've never stayed at a rest stop overnight. Never felt comfortable enough, even though most have an 8 hour limit. I've done Home Depot a few times and even Walmart, but still didn't really feel safe. Looks like the weather is holding up beautifully for you. Don't you just want to stop and browse every little town?

    1. Always say we have the best of both worlds. The green of the forest and lovely lakes where we will spend the summer and the wide open desert and mountains of the southwest to spend the winter. Plus, all the beautiful country in between. I am not sure I would feel safe by myself in a rest area. Walmart and other stores it would depend on what the area looked like. Little towns are special.

  4. Awesome pictures Deb! That city park looks like a fun place to be. Curious, do remember what they charge overnight? We know exactly where the Morilton Walmart is :) Sikeston, I have cousins that live there :) Indiana looks beautiful with its farms and barns! You can sure see the traffic east of the MS. Can't wait to see what you get done to your home, how exciting!

    1. It is a nice park and the price for the night is $12.
      Seriously, it is definitely a small world that you would recognize both those cities. We had never come through either of them before. I think of you when we drive by lots of farms and see flags in the wind. We enjoy being of the Interstate when we can and I know you do, also. Stay safe.

  5. Beautiful pictures. Glad you had Safe Travels. Like you once we get rolling we just keep going putting on more miles then we'd like in a day. It leaves us feeling worn out.
    Enjoy your time visiting with all your family.

    It's about time.

    1. Some days are just like that and we just keep going. Though I always tell Tom he is doing the driving so it is his decision. We will be across the river in your neck of the woods, so to speak, in a couple of days. Stay safe.

  6. Beautiful pictures. That's interesting about the Walmart with the " no overnight parking" signs. But it's "ok" to park. I'm looking forward to see if you find items you like for your redecorating project. Enjoy!

    1. I thought it was interesting, also. The last time we had that happen we were told, we would let you park but the city does not allow it. That was also after I had made a call earlier in the day and we got there to find no parking signs. This time it worked out and no one came around.

  7. All that green is amazing after being in the desert for so long. Always exciting when you find a competent repair shop with good customer service. Enjoy your stay and keep taking these beautiful pictures.

    1. It is always great to find a repair shop that knows what they are doing, are willing to "squeeze" us in, and not charge an arm and a leg. We truly have been lucky that way. Lots of good honest people in this world.