Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Last Days in Quartzsite

Fair warning photo overload.

Monday, March 28, 2022

This is our last full day parked out in our spot at the Roadrunner BLM. Tomorrow we will start the slow trek back to Michigan. I always find it bittersweet when we point the nose of the Stinger "B" East. Somewhat sad to leave the desert and the mountain views yet at the same time looking forward to the journey ahead. 

We started this morning pretty much like every day with mugs of coffee. The sky out the windows was completely cloud covered and there was a prediction for some rain today so Tom went out and finished picking up our patio area. We had plans for a late breakfast with friends this morning so before long we were getting ready and heading out the door. 

Leaving Roadrunner a little before 11:00am under clouds.

This morning's breakfast spot.

Bottom pictures: Left, Patsy and Bill...Right Gail and John
Top picture was one of several selfies to successfully get us
all in. There was a little bit of a breeze and a few raindrops.

Breakfast with this group was a wonderful way to spend part of our last day here in Quartzsite. The food was good, the company special, the conversation non stop, and the time flew by. All to soon it was time to say our see you down the roads and with hugs all around we parted ways. Until next time take care and travel safe.

Decided to make one last stop at Gem World. 
Leaving this flag looked lovely flying in the wind.

The sun lighting up the desert floor while 
we could see dark clouds towards the south.

Remembered to get a picture of "Q" mountain.

To the south we could see blue skies.

Back home and the wonderful views around us.

The clouds cast beautiful shadows 

on the mountains.

The contrast of the light and shadows is beautiful.

As the day wore on the clouds moved on

and soon the sky was mostly blue.
Towards sunset more clouds were moving in
and it set behind the clouds this evening.

Though the sun's light did give us some

clouds filled with light.

Then there was some lovely rose color
just above the mountains.

As I sat there watching it did 

start to move up 

into the clouds.

Then just as quickly it was gone.

Night descended  and it was time to go inside.

The wind was with us throughout the day and we did get the predicted rain. I was hoping for an afterglow tonight but it was not meant to be. No complaints though because the clouds were beautiful. It was a good last day in this spot in the desert.

Catching up. I still have more to add to February but I had to many pictures I wanted to add to our memories of these days.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

It was hot not as hot as Friday and Saturday but we did see 90's and there was a good breeze. We actually spent a pretty lazy Sunday. 

I almost missed the sunset. 

By the time I walked over to this Saguaro to include
it in the picture the sun had slipped behind the mountain.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

We made a last minute decision to head over to Blythe, California to attend 6 o'clock Mass at St, Joan of Arc Catholic Church. 

I took this of the mountains to the east as we were 
leaving Roadrunner. 

Looking east near LaPosa South.

Just coming into Blythe.

The sun went down while we were in Mass. Afterwards we had a quick hamburger from Jack in the Box. We then made a stop at Albertsons for a couple of things before heading back home.

Friday, March 25, 2022

Today was Tom's last dental appointment to have his two crowns put on. Looking at the weather it mentioned record highs for the day and as luck would have it Tom had an afternoon appointment, basically from what we could see it meant walking to and from the border to the dentist office during the hottest part of the day. So we made the decision that I would drop Tom off at the border and then come back for him when he was through. While he did that I went back tracked into Yuma and did some shopping. Yes, it is true we all have to make Luck was on his side when he left as he said there was no line. Except for the stop to have his passport checked and his picture taken he walked right out. 

The following are pictures of some of the views as we drive south on US-95 towards Yuma. Today was the last time we will take this ride for this adventure. Though I never get tired of the ride or the views along here.

Not long after passing by the entrance to the Yuma Proving
Grounds you are riding by agricultural fields.

There are fields being picked, ready to be picked

and just picked.

We ride buy fields plowed and ready to be planted

and others with tiny plants just peeking up through the ground.
It is a never ending cycle. 

This is at the corner of US-95 and the street 3E.
We have turned here many times and for the first time

today I noticed this business. A lot of piping
used for watering all the fields we drive by.
Isn't that a great name?

On I-8 and we are going over the Colorado River and in the
distance I can see the the St. Thomas Yuma Indian Mission.
This is a lovely little church and the views from their 
upper parking lot are fantastic.

Then we are again driving by fields of vegetables.
That is an RV Park surrounded by the growing fields.

In the distance the Cargo Muchacho Mountains.

Those engines are actually at the end of the train.
I miss cabooses!

Exiting I-8 and heading towards Los Algodones.
Signs along the way, the Colorado River and the
bridge ahead goes over the All American Canal.

They started rebuilding this RV Park last year.
There are quite a few RV parked in here, all the same type.
The park itself is not open.

Dropping Tom off at the border and he is off 
to his appointment.
On his left is the parking area where we usually park.

All American Canal

The All-American Canal is an 82-mile long aqueduct, located in southeastern California. It conveys water from the Colorado River into the Imperial Valley and to nine cities. It is the Imperial Valley's only water source, and replaced the Alamo Canal, which was located mostly in Mexico. The Imperial Dam, about 30 miles northeast of Yuma, Arizona on the Colorado River, diverts water into the All-American Canal, which runs to just west of Calexico, California before its last branch heads mostly north into the Imperial Valley. Five smaller canals branching off the All-American Canal move water into the Imperial Valley. These canal systems irrigate up to 630,000 acres of crop land and have made possible a greatly increased crop yield in this area, originally one of the driest on earth. It is the largest irrigation canal in the world, carrying a maximum of 26,155 cubic feet per second. Agricultural runoff from the All-American Canal drains into the Salton Sea.

Heading back home. That is US-95 in the upper left.
I believe those are the Gila Mountains.

Riding by I filled in the lines and I could see a Pirate Ship.

T-Rex is still there.

Kofa Mountains

Stone Cabin. We have been told that at one time 
they sold the best hamburgers.

Palm Canyon in the distance.

Back in Quartzsite we saw some wonderful color in the clouds.
Then we stopped at Silly Al's for Pizza.

So ended our day.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Another day of these beautiful views parked in our spot in the desert.

We had a Hummingbird visiting our feeder.

The views out here never get old.

It is hard to tell in the picture but the clouds looked 
like dust hanging in the air. 

Dust in the distance towards the Dome Rock Mountains.
The ATVer's are having fun.

Just a sliver of sunlight left over the Dome Rock Mountains.

We have enjoyed our time parked out here in the Roadrunner BLM. Surrounded by the beautiful mountains in the distance. Looking out over the beauty that is this place and spending time with Saguaros in view. As I mentioned in a previous post this time was a "detour" for us but it gave us the opportunity to visit with friends we did not think we would see again this adventure and a chance to spend another two plus weeks in this beautiful spot. Going with the flow and accepting the unexpected is all part of this adventure of life we are on. All moments to be cherished and placed in the memory book of this our retirement dream.

We are glad you stopped by!
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Wishing we had been able to join you on this adventure. We'll be back the question is how soon.
    Safe Travels and Enjoy this next adventure.

    It's about time.

    1. We wish you would have been able to join us, also. Hopefully next year.

  2. Glad Tom’s work is done. Yes it’s always sad to leave, but I guess happy when you get back “home”. Saddest for me is leaving friends. Safe travels!!

    1. Tom was glad to finally be done, for this year at least. It is always with mixed feelings that we move on from our winter travels. Sad to leave friends for sure is at the top of the list, sad to leave a beautiful place. Yet anxious for what is at the end of the journey to the place we call "home". At the end are our children, grandchildren, family, and friends. Plus a beautiful place. We feel blessed to have this life.

  3. Loved the pictures and the catch up! Hoping you're taking your time to get home and not hurrying. You have an event again this year don't you? Looking forward to more pictures and story! Hugs

    1. Thank you, Shirley. We are taking our time, sort of. Yes, we do have an event. Our grandson and son are testing for their Tae Kwon-Do Black Belt.😊

  4. Safe Travels. I too am looking forward to more pictures and story. It is always an adventure on your way home as well. I always look forward to the ride when we leave.

    1. Thank you, Becky. I agree about the adventure being part of the journey back home as well. As sad as I may feel about leaving a place at the same time I always look forward the adventure ahead.

  5. We've had some great times together this winter. Thank you for helping to make it a good one! ♥ See you next fall/winter!

    1. It was a good winter and we look forward to seeing you both next fall/winter.

  6. Great photos, thanks for sharing. Good times, good friends, good food, life is pretty amazing. Safe travels as you head toward Michigan.

  7. The great migration has become as everyone scatters in different directions to their homes or wherever their wheels take them. Looks like you had some great visits. We heard the same thing about the stone cabin. Too bad it is still not open as there is not much down that way.

    1. You are so right the great migration has begun. It was amazing how empty Roadrunner became those last weeks were were there.

  8. Wow, great photos. I would like to know what the story is with Sleepy Hollow RV park. Save travels!

    1. Thank you. We thought for sure the Sleepy Hollow RV Park would be open this year. When we went by last year it looked pretty much ready to accept RV's.

  9. Great pictures Deb. The weather here has been cold and rainy so don't hurry. Safe journey.

    1. Thank you, Doug. We have heard about the rain so we are going as slow as we can. Hoping the weather is better when we get to Indiana and then Michigan.