Thursday, March 31, 2022

The Stinger "B" Starts The Slow Trek East

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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

We are presently parked in the High Chaparral RV Park in Casa Grande, AZ. Tuesday when we arrived and today were about removing the dust accumulated while we boondocked in the desert. Though, if you RV you know removing the dust is a loosing battle that is never won and you do not have to be in the desert to have it accumulate. It is part of the adventure and something you learn to live with but it always feels good to refresh the inside and make room for more Tom vacuumed and I dusted while our washer dryer combo is washing away.   Then Tom moved outside to set up our patio area and wash the Stinger B's nose of the bugs it had accumulated. While he had that fun I defrosted the freezer. I bought a thin plastic placemat to put in the back, a hint from Nancy to stop the frost. I am hoping it works because if there is one thing I do miss about a residential refrigerator is the self defrosting freezer! No pictures today but what follows is Tuesday's trip here and I took way to many pictures. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

We opened the curtains this morning to a perfect cloud watching day. A little to chilly to sit outside and watch while drinking my morning coffee which was just as well because today is a travel day and things needed to be stowed inside. So I had to be content to watch through the window while I drank my coffee and started doing what needed to be done to pull in the slides and get our wheels rolling. Once we had everything ready to roll I stepped outside and started taking pictures of the views around us. Between the clouds and the wind the views are constantly changing as the shadows dance across the mountains.

The Stinger "B" ready to take us down the road 
and the new adventures that lay ahead.

I know I say this a lot of the times at the beginning of the blog: fair warning there is a picture overload below. Today is another one of those days between the clouds, which I love to sit and watch on a day like today, and all the wonderful views along our path I took way to many pictures. I always do...😎 I will not be adding a lot of words today because I think the pictures speak for themselves. 

These first pictures are the views surrounding where we called home the last 16 days. These views were wonderful every day but the big white fluffy clouds surrounded by blue, blue sky added another layer of beauty today. The temptation today was to say to Tom lets stay one more day but I knew it was time to move on so I never said the words out loud. We have reservations starting tonight in Casa Grande and we have a limited amount of days before we need to be in Indiana and then Michigan. Since we prefer to not to have long travel days and have time to stop every few days it truly was time to go.

While Tom finished hooking up the Jeep
I took these last pictures.
We left this spot at 11:15AM.

Two last stops in Quartzsite. Pit Stop to top off our propane.
Then the Arco (One 9) to top off our diesel.
Actually, there was a third stop at a Taco Truck just across
from the Arco where we decided to have lunch.

We merged on to I-10 pointed East at 12:20PM.

We passed one vehicle today. 

As always I-10 was busy.

The flag unfurled in the wind against the clouds was beautiful!


It looked like this cloud had sunglasses on.😎

Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station near Tonopah.
We stayed at the Saddle Mountain RV Park, near here,
several years ago and some days that steam would
rise up and form clouds that would slowly float by. 
Sadly, we have heard that park is now closed.

Turning on to AZ-85 which bypasses Phoenix.
Not long and we had a short ride through some construction.

Then there was green.

We have driven by Gila Bend and are now on I-8.

We are now driving through the Sonoran Desert National Monument. Driving through here on either side of the Interstate you can see Saguaros as far as the eye can see. I took quite a few pictures the first time we drove through here and every time since I have told myself you do not have to take that many pictures but.......I still do.

The mountain is black on the left and then

by the time we were driving by it the shadows had 
moved on and it was now in sunlight.

We are now close to reconnecting with I-10
and our destination.

The Stinger "B" merged on to I-10
and then took the first exit.
Home for the next 5 nights.

Tonigh.t's sunset through the palm trees and
over the RV's across the way. Quite a difference
from the last several months. 
Beautiful just the same.

It was a great ride for this passenger; the clouds were so beautiful. I know I am not hiding how much I love the clouds from For Tom it was a windy drive especially when we turned on to the bypass. Just the same he got us here safe and sound. 

It is nice to have the full hookups but we are already missing the wide open space of the desert. It always seems strange the first couple of weeks as we head back east to not be able to look out and see the openness that seemingly goes on forever. In a few days there will no longer be Saguaros out the window and at some point as we head east there will no longer be mountains in the distance. Yet at the same time we look forward to every mile of the journey ahead. Soon green forest and the beauty of the Great Lakes will fill our vision. No matter how much traveling we do, no matter were we land and call home, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan will always truly be home. Plus, and most importantly, we will get grandbaby hugs and children hugs when we get there! 

We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. Safe travels. It was great to see you guys again this year.

    1. Thank you. It was nice seeing you both. Hope to cross paths again.

  2. Have a safe and good trip back up North. All your lovely photos show why you love to be out west. Keep posting no matter where you are.

    1. We do love the west. I am trying to get my blogging "groove" going and I am going to try to keep it going when we get back to Michigan.😎..

  3. You can never do too many pictures in my opinion! I know what you mean about the desert dust, I fight it constantly here! LOL. One day I'd love to get to Michigan, some of the pictures are so gorgeous and green! Looking forward to your travels home. Hugs!

    1. Thank you, Shirley. The dust is a challenge for sure. It would be wonderful to see you and Ken pulling the Mansion in Michigan. We think it is beautiful, we may be slightly Plus there is some beautiful country between you and there.

  4. That IS a lot of pictures! Haha
    I hope you enjoy the park. Isn't it nice to have hookups for a while?

    1. Those full hookups are always welcome...😊
      I had over 200 pictures I did my best...LOL

  5. There is boondocking available at Saddle Mountain a couple of miles from the park. I enjoyed the photos, lots of memories along that stretch of road. Safe travels.

    1. We know you two have enjoyed boondocking at Saddle Mountain and you come to mind when we drive by. One of these years we need to plan to stop.

  6. Safe Travel as you head up north.

  7. Maybe that is the High Chaparral routine, since you did exactly what we did :-) I will be interested to hear how the placemat in the freezer works.

    Grandbaby and children hugs sure draw me home every spring! Safe travels.

    1. I will let you know about the placemat in the freezer.
      The closer we get to Michigan the more anxious I get for those hugs.

  8. What part of the U.P. are you heading to? We spent some time there last fall grouse hunting and absolutely loved it!

    1. We are heading to Escanaba. That is where we are from. It is beautiful up there in the Fall, though we may be slightly prejudice. Where did you visit?