Friday, November 28, 2014

Bastrop State Park


November 12-21, 2014

Bastrop State Park opened in 1937. Built by the Civilian Conservation Corps the use of native building materials is seen throughout the park. Especially the use of red sandstone.

In 1997, Bastrop State Park was awarded National Historic Landmark status, due largely to the enduring craftsmanship and landscape work done in the park by the CCC.  It is one of only seven CCC parks in the nation with this recognition.

In September 2011 this County suffered what is stated to be the most destructive wildfire in Texas history. The fire killed two people, destroyed over 1,600 homes, and 32,000 acres. It affected 96 percent of the approximately 6,565 acre park. From what I read and we saw as we viewed the park they were able to save the historical buildings only needing to replace wood shingles and roofs. Every were you look you see the destruction of the fire on the loblolly pines. What you also observe is the new regrowth taking place naturally and with help.

Shelter at Scenic Overlook

Views from Scenic Overlook
This park re-opened, in part, in less then a year. It is still not fully reopened; what is open is well taken care of and beautiful. We hope to revisit this park sometime in the future to see its continued rebirth from the fire.

At our campsite one of the plantings seen throughout the park.
This being our first experience staying in a Texas State Park we were pleasantly surprised. Even though every were you turn you see the fires destruction and as I mentioned before you see the regrowth. Though we could see the highway in the distance the noise impact was very low.

Tom at our campsite

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