Sunday, November 30, 2014


November 27, 2014

From the posted date you can see we are still working on catching up with our posts. So first of all we hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving.

This is the first Thanksgiving since we have been married we have not been at home or celebrated with family. So it was a different feeling because we miss our family especially kids and grandkids. We still had a nice day together, which is how it was in the beginning years, just the two of us. There were phone calls though and texting so we were in touch with some of our family.

Tom made us a late breakfast.

Tom was suppose to make pumpkin pancakes but opted for eggs, sausage, and toast. We added orange juice with a little peach schnapps...not bad. (Linda thanks for the apple pie jam.)

Late afternoon snacks.

We spent part of the afternoon sitting outside enjoying some sunshine and a few snacks.


We enjoyed a late dinner of turkey breast (Tom grilled), twice baked potato casserole, dressing, (yes, Deb made Dad's, grandpa Duchaine's dressing it would not be a holiday meal otherwise...:)...) string beans, and sweet potatoes, plus rolls and cottage cheese. Not exactly what we would have had in the past but pretty good just the same.

Late night snack.

We ended the day with a late night snack of homemade pumpkins pie. The little gas oven works pretty well.

Not our Thanksgiving of the past but a nice one just the same. We certainly ate well...:)

"Continuity gives us roots;
change gives us branches,
letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights."
                                                                         ~Pauline Keza

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