Sunday, November 30, 2014

Moved to Pecan Park

November 21-26, 2014

On the 21st we had a short travel day, just over an hour, to Pecan Riverside RV Park near San Marcos, TX.


This is a large private park on the San Marcos River, though you really cannot see the river from any of the campsites as far as we can tell. It does look different then the pictures we saw on the internet yet having stayed in private campgrounds over the years it is pretty much what we expected. Our site is not large but it is clean and the park as a whole seems well taken care of. Even though it is only a few miles from San Marcos it is quiet and you do get the feeling of being out in the country.

Our first couple of days here we had rain, lightening, thunder, and wind. So we were content to stay inside the Crusader, stay dry, and  enjoy being cozy. When the sun came out we did some exploring of the area and restocking of supplies. Plus a little Christmas shopping. Other then that we have been just hanging out and relaxing.

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