Saturday, March 7, 2015

Laundry and Some Blog Updating

March 6, 2015

What can I say it needs to be done and since we have full hookups it is the time to do. So laundry it is plus relaxing and enjoying the day.

So, I thought this would be a good time to start filling in the blanks about what we have been doing since I last blogged on January 11th when we were in Huachuca City, AZ.

January 12th through the 18th of 2015
(Parked in Huachuca City, AZ)

We did have the opportunity to go back over to Tombstone, AZ one more time. We both wanted of visit the Old Bird Cage Theatre a registered National Monument. It is Tombstone's only Original Historic Building, it is not a restoration, surviving from 1881.

The Bird Cage Theatre is listed as the #1 Most Haunted Building in America by TAPS, the Epicenter of the Paranormal by the Travel Channel, and Ground Zero for the Paranormal by the History Channel. So according to Tom we could not miss this tour. They have self guided tours during the day and a special Adults Only guided tour in the evening. Up to three depending on interest. They also have a Family Tour, earlier in the evening, for children 12 and up accompanied by an adult.
Tom was also going to do the nighttime one but decided after the daytime one to skip it for this year.
Though he did take a lot of pictures hoping to fine some unexplained phenomena in one but sadly no luck. He had read a lot of people find this sort of things in their pictures.
The Bird Cage closed it doors in 1889 and everything in the building was left as it was at that moment in time. For almost 50 years it stood closed and in 1934 it was reopened for the public to visit. It is Tombstones only Historic Landmark in its original state.
The placard in the corner reads: This is the Original Faro Table
were Doc Holiday played and dealt Faro. Doc Holiday and Johnny Ringo
had their famous duel between the Faro Table and the Grand Piano.
The Grand Piano is still in the Orchestra Pit.
This stage saw performances of the Nightly French Circuit CanCan Dancers,
risqué performances for the male gender, and national headliners
such as Eddie Foy, and Lotta Crabtree.
This hand painted stage includes it original stage curtain.

The placard reads: These three bullet holes were made
by a drunken cowboy who one night shot at an actor.
The shots missed and lodged here next to the stage. 
The Bird Cage is said to have been the most famous Honky-Tonk in America between 1881 and 1889. The New York Times referred to it as the wildest, wickedest night spot between Basin Street and the Barbary Coast. It was open 24 hours a day and before it closed its doors it was the sight of 16 gunfights. Besides the bullet holes mentioned above there are an additional 137 that riddle the walls and ceilings. Mute evidence of these happenings.

Information posted about the song "Bird in a Guilded Cage".
Introduced by Lillian Russell 

Pictures of and Newspaper clippings about
Lillian Russell

The "Bird Cages" with their original red velvet drapes and trimmings.

There are many items that belonged to and pictures of the famous and infamous characters of Tombstone in the 1880's throughout the Bird Cage. I am including a few below.

Curly Bill, according to the placard, was recognized
while getting a haircut in this chair.
He was later tracked down and killed by Wyatt Earp.
This is the Black Moriah. An original Boothill Hearse. It is trimmed
in 24k gold and sterling silver. The coffin seen on the right
is from the movie "Tombstone".
Baton owned by Bat Masterson
A Tooth Extractor owned by Doc Holiday
and one of his stirrups.

Left to Right
Louisa Houston Earp, Common Law Wife of Morgan Earp
Morgan Earp 1881
Alvira Packingham Sullivan, Wife of Virgil Earp
Virgil Earp mid 1880's

John Peters Ringo
"Johnny Ringo"

Wyatt Earp 1926

Downstairs below the stage you find the wine cellar, the dressing rooms, and the poker room. It is the site of the longest poker game in western history. The game ran continually for 8 years, 5 months, and 3 days. That table is pictured below and still stands as it was left with its chairs on the dirt floor.

According to the placards along the railing to get into this game the house gaming steward would receive a $1,000 deposit from the prospective gambler and place his name on a waiting list of players. When a seat was open someone would be sent for the player. The waiting time could be from 3 to 4 days to get into the game. A player could stay in as long as they wanted or had money. Many notable persons sat in the Big Game at this table.

Original Service Bar.
A liquor steward ran this bar to supply refreshments to the players
and the ladies and their customers.
The two mirrors, one behind the bar and on far right, have
hung in the same place since 1881.

One last picture to share, a warning to the "Shady Ladies".
According to this sign they were ordered to stay on the shady side of the streets
or they would find themselves in jail or be asked to leave for good.

This is just a small amount of  what we saw in the Bird Cage and just a few of the pictures. There is a lot inside this, what can only be described, small building. It was interesting and entertaining to take the tour and if we get back this way again I am sure we will do it again. I am guessing next time it will be the Adult Nighttime Historic Ghost Tour.


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