Friday, March 20, 2015

Meeting new Friends

March 19, 2015

One of Tom's fishing/canoeing/camping buddies, Dennis, is married to Lorayne. Lorayne has a sister named Rose who is married to Art. Rose and Art are parked near Quartzsite. Dennis and Lorayne thought it would be nice if we met. Today we did just that. We had a nice lunch and spent time chatting and getting to know one another. (They have been snowbirding for a few years so we also got some good insights and hints about what works and what does not.)

All in all it was a nice afternoon spent talking with a nice couple. We hope to see them again, if not before, when they head up to the Escanaba area later this summer to visit with Lorayne and Dennis.

The only thing that would have made the afternoon nicer is if one of us would have remembered to take a picture.

Thank you Lorayne and Dennis for getting us together with your family.

March 20, 2015

We are still parked out in the desert near Quartzsite.

We have a washer/dryer combination in the Crusader but because we are dry camping and did need to do some necessities we headed into town and the laundromat. As far as laundromats go it was nicely kept up and clean but taking the time to do this confirmed the cost and space to have the convenience of a washer/dryer on board was the right decision for us.

It was a beautiful day.

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