Saturday, March 21, 2015

Parked Near Quartzsite, AZ

March 21, 2015

Still parked in the desert near Quartzsite. Actually we are parked at LaPosa LTVA South. Tomorrow we will have to move so we can dump the tanks. We will decide in the morning if we will pick another spot for our last few days here or just come back to this spot. Wednesday we will start heading East.

This is one of the greenest plants we have seen in the desert.
The one on the left is really a dark green and on closer inspection the green
is clusters of small leaves. This is Ocotillo a member of the Candlewood family
the only representative of this family in the United States.
The one on the right is in bloom and in the center is a close up of the brilliant orange-red blooms.

Some of the saguaro cacti near us. On the top right a small flowering cactus. 

The top tree I believe is a Palo Verde.
The bottom is a creosote and a close up of its yellow blossoms

Upper left is a small wash near us.
Upper right a dead ocotillo still very picky.
Bottom left small green plants sprouting between the rocks.
Bottom right the floor of the desert we are parked on which is like a gravel.
 There are a lot of larger rocks scattered throughout the floor of the desert, also.

The top photo is the sun setting this evening.
The bottom three are to remind us, if we would need reminding,
of the vastness of this place.

Some days are just meant to be ordinary days. Days filled with quiet and relaxation. No plans, no place to be just enjoying the day. Today was one of those days.





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