Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Place to Spend Easter

April 1-5, 2015

Wednesday (1st)

When we left Ft. Stockton we started talking about how far we would travel today. Looking ahead we decided we would head for Blanco State Park. We still had two coupons, stay two nights get second night half off, for the State Parks. So I called ahead only to find out they had campers parked in their parking lot hoping people would leave or cancel their reservations. At this point it dawns on us, Easter Weekend is a long weekend and in some instances Spring Break. So I call the Texas State Park reservation service to see if anything on our path, or close to it, is available. We honestly at this point did not have a lot of hope but nothing ventured nothing gained as the saying goes. After this call we know we have to start calling private RV parks. After some searching and phone calls we found the Rio Guadalupe Resort in Canyon Lake, TX had an opening and it was available through the Easter Weekend this now became the days destination. It is the place we would spend five nights including Easter.

Did get a shot of  Paisano Pete
the#2 roadrunner in the world 
as we left Ft. Stockton.
As we headed down Interstate 10 for a while we could see windmills on each side and in front of us. Not much of a wind today so not many of them were moving.

One place we planned on stopping as we came back through Texas on Interstate 10 was Ozona. We could see on the map there was a David Crocket Monument listed and having seen the Alamo this was a stop that needed to be made.

While Tom went into the Information Center to see were the statue was I walked around a small area planted with various wild flowers. Hindsight says I should have taken pictures of the signs with there names but since I did not and do not plan on doing the research now. They will be known as pretty wild flowers at the Information Center in Ozona, Texas. Plus, a dandelion; what can I say I think dandelions are pretty.

With directions we found the statue downtown in the town square.

Tom in front of statue.

Be Sure You are Right Then Go Ahead.
Sculpted by William Mozart McVey in 1938
We have now left Interstate 10 and will be on some US highways including 290 and 281. Plus several different farm roads, as they are listed in Texas.

We arrived at the Rio Guadalupe Resort in Canyon Lake, TX later in the afternoon. It is not a bad campgrounds, and we would classify it as a campgrounds not a resort. We could tell right away it was a weekend destination for families and some partying. Though mostly everyone quieted down by 11:00pm.
There are no pictures of this place not because we did not like it here but because for some reason neither one of us thought to take pictures.

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