Sunday, April 26, 2015

Travel Days

March 30 & 31, 2015

We spent a couple days at this point discussing the road ahead our ultimate goal is to be in Kernersville, North Carolina on April 15 give or take a day or two. We have not set a lot of goals during our time out here on the road, unless it involved other people and this one happily does. So after talking about what we wanted to do we decided for this year New Mexico was not on our destination list. We did not feel we had the time left to do it justice and couple of days would not be enough. Plus, we wanted to be able to stop somewhere, at this point we were not sure, for a few days for Easter.

Monday (30th)


Almost caught the sign welcoming
us to New Mexico.

New Mexico

New Mexico

Did catch the sign saying we were leaving New Mexico.
We are in Texas.

We end the day at the KOA in Anthony, Texas. The same one we stayed at our last day in Texas back in January.
Tuesday (31st)
Going through El Paso, TX you cannot help but notice
they do a nice job of decorating their over passes.
Also, the Texas Star is very prominent.

Being from Michigan this sign needed to be included.

This was quite a ways up the hill as we
approached Ft. Stockton from the West.
There is also one on the East side but I
missed it.
We ended our travel's today at the Walmart in Ft. Stockton, Texas. We counted at least 30 other RV's who decided to do the same thing.

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