Monday, April 27, 2015

Three Days...Three States

April 8, 9, & 10, 2015

The plan is to do some serious traveling yet to stop if we decide there is something we want to see.

Wednesday (8th)

Our first goal today is to get to the east side of Houston. As many of you probably know Interstate 10 goes straight through Houston and amazingly it is a pretty smooth trip through.

About 25 miles before we reach Houston

Included for Chris, Jody, Frank, and Perry

One of the last things we saw as we left Texas.
The one thing that will stick with us about Texas is how often
we saw the US flag with their state flag flying.

We are in Louisiana.

This car passed us just about a mile before the border
and then parked right under the sign.

Driving through and over the Henderson Swamp.


We see this bridge ahead.
Then we are crossing back over the Mississippi River.

We end the days drive in Denham Springs, Louisiana in the Walmart parking lot.
Thursday (9th)
Today we cross into Mississippi. We stop at the welcome center and decide to drive along the Mississippi Gulf Coast on US90.

It is not long and we have parked to walk down to the gulf.

I finally get my feet in the Gulf of Mexico.

We spend the night at the Martin Lake Resort in Biloxi, Mississippi. Dinner is seafood at one of the many seafood restaurants. (Neither of us can remember the name.)
Friday (10th)
Before we leave the Mississippi Gulf Coast we decide to visit the Gulf Island National Seashore visit center. We also took the time to drive through the campgrounds. This will definitely be a stop next time we come this way.

I did some checking, and if the information I found about these is correct, there are 24 Waffle Houses along the Mississippi Gulf Coast Drive. It seemed liked we passed one every couple of miles so curiosity got the best of me.
Traffic light 79, yes the traffic lights were numbered, the last one we see on US90 before we rejoin Interstate 10 and cross the border into Alabama.
The brochure we received at the welcome center listed
points of interest corresponding with traffic light numbers.
We are in Alabama and the Welcome Center is closed.

Vietnam War Memorial Highway

Closed for Renovations

Purple Heart Trail

Ahead we see a high bridge.

We are at the top and stopped.

We are slowly moving.
We ended up passing two accidents
on our way down. Luckily it did not
look like anyone was hurt.

It is a beautiful day the sky is blue
with lovely fluffy clouds.

Then it clouds over, the rain comes down, and we are in a
Walmart parking lot with two other RV's. By the time it
stopped raining it was dark.
We are parked at the Walmart in Greenville, Alabama and it is where we will spend the night.
Note: When we started our trek East we planned on staying, for the most part, on Interstate 10 until we reached Jacksonville, Florida. We would then turn North and head for North Carolina along the Atlantic Ocean. We discussed this plan as we approached Alabama and decided, for a lot of reasons, to turn North in Mobile, Alabama. So it was at this point we left Interstate 10 and turned north onto Interstate 65.


  1. The best made plans are often changed at the last minute by a host of varying reasons. The main thing is to enjoy the trip while keeping yourselves safe and at this time of year that itself can be a challenge. That is also where you hear the term that RVers plans are written in Jello. They are always flexible.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We have certainly enjoyed these last five months and the best part having the flexibility to let plans, as you said and we have heard before, be written in Jello. Or as we told our kids when things did not go as planned some times you just need to go with the flow. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

      Celebrating the Dance