Monday, December 28, 2015

Blue Skies

December 28, 2015

Today the sky is a beautiful blue. Tom and I, well he did take care of a few household chores and I am starting to crochet an afghan.

We have not been doing a lot these last few days just enjoying our lives. We had a quiet Christmas, together. We did get to speak to our children so that was nice.

Saturday it was pretty windy and the Crusader did do some rocking. In the evening we took a ride over to Surprise, AZ to see the latest Star Wars movie. We had decided it might be fun to see it in Imax and it was the closest theater we could find. We did really like the movie and we were glad we watched it in Imax but probably not enough to spring for the cost of the tickets again. Regular 3D would probably have been just as good. 

Yesterday morning we decided to try the breakfast here at the club house. It was pretty good and not having to cook made it even better. Plus, we sat with nice a couple from Minnesota,  it is always nice to meet and chat with someone new. In the afternoon we took a short ride and then stopped to say hello to a couple we met last week. Spent a pleasant time sitting a getting to know them a little better. They have stayed in this area before and gave us a few hints on places to visit. Another couple, the women are sisters, walked over and we ended up staying a little longer then planned. It was a very nice happy hour.

Hope everyone is enjoying this Beautiful Christmas Season.

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, enjoy the rest of your winter in the southwest.