Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Continuing our Drive

November 27, 2015 continued:

As we left the overlook ahead was Forest Road 61 and the Coronado National Forest. The road we had traveled so far was actually pretty good compared to the next 14 miles. When we finally hit pavement it was almost strange not to be "shake, rattle, and rolling".

Turned onto the road past the parking area and this is the
first thing we saw.

This was the road ahead.

Around the curve was this sign.

We could see this ahead

The trees just hang on to the edge.

The views, well they are worth the ride.

Different views of same formation.

Bottom view is directly behind above sign.
Top left a little to the left.
Top right looking back across road.

The road itself, well it just got more and more interesting.

Then we saw these two signs and new there was hope.

The road itself got very flat for a short while.

Then we could see Parker Canyon Lake in the distance.  

From one of the camping areas.
We took a ride over to check the camping areas. We would
be to long for their sites from what we could see.

I admit I do not know what this plant is. I am including the
picture because from a distance it looked like tiny birds
sitting on the branches and then when we got closer we
could see they where some kind of pods.

Then we were on pavement and then pavement with yellow
lines, Arizona 83. Plus the views just kept coming.

Not long after that we turned right at Sonoita onto Arizona 82.

Pictures taken of the same formation from Arizona 83
then the bottom right on Arizona 82.

After a long day of riding we turned right off of Arizona 82, into the RV park, and home.

"Give everyday the chance to be
the most beautiful day in you life."
                                     ~Mark Twain

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