Friday, January 8, 2021

The First Seven Days of 2021

As we venture into this New Year, 2021, there has been a wonderfully calm theme to our days. No rushing and no real plans just slow starts to the day as we sit and enjoy our morning coffee. There are the normal "chores"  of every day life to be taken care of: cleaning, cooking and grocery shopping. Plus the ones that come with this life style and boondocking in the desert: dumping tanks, filling the fresh water tank, and minor repairs. Other then that we let the days flow as they will. 

Each day we have gathered with our neighbors to chat and get to know one another until the sun slowly makes it way down in the west. As the sun sets taking the light of the day with it and leaving behind the coolness of the desert that comes with the twilight we say our goodnights and make our way into our homes for the evening. It is a pattern that brings a contentment of a day enjoyed.  We are blessed to have started this new year together in the company of friends and to be still enjoying our retirement dream.  

Friday, January 1, 2021

Our first sunset of 2021

We regathered this evening for a campfire.
Always a nice way to end a day.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Our morning view as we sit out and enjoy our coffee.

Cathy and Shane fellow "Yoopers" enjoying
their first year in the desert.

Another beautiful sunset. 

Our Neighborhood.
On the Left: The White Lion, Middle: Cathy and Shane's home
on wheels, On the Right: The Stinger "B:

The sun's last rays as it leaves us.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

A soft afterglow in the west

along with soft rose glow on top of the mountains in the east.

Monday, January 4, 2021

The end of another day of enjoyed boondocking in the desert. I never get tired of watching the sun set on our day or the color of the afterglow that we are gifted with in the twilight on so many evenings. Tonight's afterglow was especially beautiful.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Today we enjoyed Taco Tuesday in the Stinger "B" with Cathy, Shane, Doug and Yuma. We had planned an outdoor meal but the wind had another idea. I confess I did not take another picture the rest of the day after the morning sunrise. 

Slow but sure the sun joins our day.

As the sunrises the shadows build on the desert floor.

That is me standing between the Stinger "B" and the Jeep.

The sun's light continues to bring light

to the desert floor

then touches the mountains.

We parked in this same spot last January and Tom built a
fire pit. Someone else turned it into a heart.
By know I was feeling the chill of the wind and headed
inside to enjoy a hot cup of coffee that Tom prepared.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Today's agenda included one of the fun chores of boondocking in the desert. That would be traveling a short distance to dump our tanks and fill the fresh water tank. Actually this is Tom's fun chore I just go along for the ride.

On our way back home I spotted this engine.
We do not recall ever seeing one this color 
or as bright and shiny before.

I think I mentioned I love the sunsets.

It is interesting to watch the sun go down our here as once it 
settles on the horizon it quickly drops below our view.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Tonight we enjoyed Happy Hour and snacks on Cathy and Shane's patio. Shane barbecued delicious wings and Cathy put out cheese, sausage, olives, and a Jalapeno mustard that they make along with crackers. Doug contributed chips and salsa It was all delicious. Thank you for feeding us!

As we enjoyed wonderful conversation and food we watched
the sun set on our day.

We then walked over and ended our day together
with a lovely campfire.

This has been the flow of our days. Getting up for some sunrises, enjoying the company of our neighbors, watching the sun set, and if the wind permits enjoying the warmth of a campfire. If I was asked, what did you do on a particular day I would not be able to answer other then to say I know we enjoyed the peace of this place where we have parked our home. That is not to say we do not know what is going on in our world because we do. We are saddened to watch and learn what is going on but because I do not believe politics belongs in this blog at this time I will end the conversation here. We miss our Canadian friends while hoping and praying that next year will bring them back to this place where the mountains rise up in the distance and the cacti and ocotillos decorate the landscape in between. Where the sun rises on the beauty of the desert and sets leaving behind an inky blackness and a sky filled with stars. A place so many of us from the north have come to love. 

We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. Great Pictures. Wishing we were there.
    Praying for Peace.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you, hopefully next year you will be here. Stay safe.

  2. Those skies are always amazing. Beautiful scenery, good neighbors, delicious food. Life is good!

    1. Friends, the sky, the mountains, the desert floor, the cactus, truly is all beautiful. All one has to do is look to appreciate it. You are so right life is good.

  3. Beautiful days, sunsets, people and weather. *sigh* I'm trying not to be sad.
    That bright engine reminds me of your Stinger "B".😊

    1. If you could see how dusty the Stinger "B" is right now you might not see a Fingers crossed that next year you are taking your own pictures in the southwest. Stay safe.

  4. We are missing all of you, hoping and praying that we are there next year to witness the beauty that you have so elegantly described and to spend time with our great American friends. Deb and Tom, be safe and healthy, keep sending those of sunrise and sunset pictures as we think and miss them and you guys each day.

    1. Bill, we are hoping and praying for the same thing. We miss being outnumbered by you Canadians...:) Seriously, we miss you guys, also. Stay safe and healthy

  5. Next year the circle will be bigger!!! We certainly miss you folks. Stay safe!!

    1. A bigger circle will be wonderful to see!!!! We miss you and Riley. Stay safe.

  6. I so love living the desert this year through your blog, thank you for all the pictures! Your days sound similar to our, the same thing and repeat except yours is in the warmth of the sun ... I don't think that is a bad way to live life. I will just be happy when our day to day can include people other than hubby and I but I'm sure that will come and in the meantime I will live life through your blog, thank you :)

    1. Sincerely, what a lovely comment, thank you.
      I agree life does not always have to be go...go...go all the time to be enjoyed. Sometimes the easy flow of just enjoying the simple quietness and routine feels good. Stay safe.

  7. Love the pictures and your writings! Sounds so wonderful! That yellow engine, I love it!

    1. Thank you, Shirley. It has been wonderful to be in this spot. Stay safe.