Friday, March 12, 2021

A Long Move and A Short Move and We are In Why

 Friday, March 12, 2021 (The Short Move)

It had started raining Thursday afternoon. Nothing steady but enough that when we got back from Ajo our chairs were wet. In the evening we had several hours of a steady rain which we could still hear when we went to bed. The rain stopped at some point overnight and in the morning the ground was damp but no puddles. We awoke to blue skies filled with sun and fluffy clouds. Below are the last pictures I took just before we pulled out.

Tom pulling back out onto Darby Well Road. 
We are headed over to Coyote Howls East to dump and take 
on water before heading east on AZ-86. Today's destination 
Las Cienegas National Conservation Area. At least it was
at this point. Within an hour that plan had changed. 

Tom was following me and I guess I was taking to many  
pictures because he passed me along here. 

I pulled in to Coyote Howls East and I spotted this
guy sitting on top of the flag pole.

Tom went in and paid the dumping fee and then we headed to the dump and this is when we noticed how dark the clouds were to the east and south of us. It looked like rain was coming our way. By the time that job was done and we moved to a water spigot we could see the sky was getting darker. At this point I called Doug to see how the weather was his way. He said, blue skies and big white clouds for today but there is a prediction for rain or possible snow tomorrow. After chatting a little bit longer I told him we were not going to be coming his way today. As luck would have it as of this morning this park had decided to open all the way up.  Until now you could only come in if you had stayed here last year.  So we called the office and pulled into a site just as it was starting to rain.  It is actually the same spot we parked in the last time we were here a few years ago. The rain had been coming down pretty much all day and infact it is raining as I write this.
So at the end of today we are in Why and traveled about 11 miles instead of about 177.

The view out our front window.

We could see blue skies out to the east this afternoon.

Looking to the North

and south we could see blue skies later in the afternoon.

Looking west 

the sun had made an effort to come out again.

Around sunset the skies to the west were dark

The clouds towards the east around sunset were catching
some of the suns light. Not long after this the sky was again 
 grey with clouds and we could hear rain on the roof. 
The desert needs the rain so we are not complaining 
we know this rain is a good thing.  

(The first of  three posts that will catch us up.)

Monday, March 8, 2021 (The Long Move)

When we got up this morning the sun was still behind the Kofa Mountains but it was already lighting up the sky when I stepped out for the first time. We were hoping to be on the road before nine this morning. Our next destination is Ajo, AZ and hopefully a spot off of Darby Wells Road and we wanted to get there by early afternoon. Today we officially start are trek East. We have a grandson making his First Communion on April 24th and we would not miss that important occasion; so in six weeks we will be pulling into a RV Site in Michigan.

Even though the sun is still

behind this mountain 

the sky is starting to fill with light.

Then it popped up over the mountain

bringing light to the desert floor.

Our home's shadow stretching across the desert floor. 

An Ocotillo standing tall dressed in green 
in the morning light.

Even the Stinger "B" looks shiny clean in this light.

One more picture of the sunrise and it is time to get back
inside and get ready to roll our wheels down the highway.

One last picture just for fun.
Photo Illustration Effect.

I just really liked the shape of this Palo Verde. What I forgot
was I had the camera set to the Photo Illustration effect.

We have turned south on to US-95. 

They are staring a repaving project just to the north of here this morning. From what I read the repaving is to start near the Crystal Hill Road and go south to around Mile Marker 80. Which means the section of the road above will be include. 

I had never noticed this cross high above on what I believe
are the Laguna Mountains before today. It is just a little
white speck in the middle on top.

Merging on to I-8 and we are officially headed East.

Having been waved through the Border Patrol Checkpoint
the Stinger "B" is cruising nicely through Telegraph Pass.

This view never disappoints.

A little over a hundred miles and with a train on our 
right I can see the sign for our exit ahead.

Heading south on AZ-85

Elevation 1740
Founded in 1854

Just past these tailings we will be turning right on to 
Darby Well Road.

Today as the saying goes, was our lucky day. We turned into Darby Well Road and stopped to unhook the Jeep so I could scout ahead for a spot to pull into. Just ahead we could see a 5th Wheel and Travel Trailer that had passed us a few miles before we reach Ajo. At the time I had said to Tom, I hope they are not going to the same place we are. By the time we unhooked and I started down those two rigs were on there way back out. I called and told Tom I was going to keep going but if they were coming out we just may be out of luck. When I got to the road that Doug, Miss Adventure Travels, had parked at and saved us a spot in December I could see it was filled. Then looking ahead, I could not believe it but, the hill above looked empty. I got to the next road and sure enough there was a large spot wide open and waiting for us. I called Tom and he headed down just ahead of another two rigs looking for a spot. They stopped and walked in to where Tom had just parked to see if there was any place else to park and we felt a little guilty about grabbing the large spot they both could have fit into but sometimes you win and sometimes you loose today was our day to win. (When we took a ride a few days later we did notice they found a spot just a little further down. So all is well that ends well.)

The sun setting on our first day here.

Look at all the Saguaros in 

our view as we sit out next to the Stinger "B".
The days we are parked here will include more pictures
of these views. Fair warning.

The sun has dropped behind the mountain.

Looking up my first thought was angel clouds. 
Nothing to do with reality just my thought.
They just looked so soft and delicate.

Then for a little while I enjoyed watching this bird float on
the wind. He would work flapping his wings for a bit  and
then just float. It looked like he was having so much fun.

The travel trailer in the center of the picture is parked where
we where last time. As nice as that spot was we had a better
view of the Saguaros in this spot. 

Looking to the Southwest
 there is just the slightest rosy pink in the sky.

The last of tonight's sunset.

I just like this picture and it was the last one I took today.

We enjoyed out time parked in the above spot and there will be more pictures of the Saguaros out there in the next post.

We are so glad you stopped by!
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  1. I was wondering about snow!! Our forecast has been for very cold nighttime temps, which is why I'm dragging my feet going to the Grasslands where it's another thousand feet higher in elevation. Rained here last night and I'm guessing possible snow there, so I'm glad we both stayed put!!

  2. Snow! Heck we can stay home and get snow!! Maybe it wasn't such a bad year to miss. I hope you can avoid it by staying to lower elevations.
    Nice pictures, I just caught up on the 12th, your most recent posting. ;)

    1. When Doug said there was a possibility of snow Tom and I both went well we will just stay here. No need to experience snow we know what it looks and feels like. Would have been nice to see the horses though.

  3. At least you had a nice spot to spend the day in the rain. Hopefully it's clearer today and you can head towards the grasslands! It would be nice to watch the horses! Beautiful pictures once again! The way time is flying, April 24th will be here before you know it!!

    1. It is crazy how fast the time is flying it seems like we just headed west. We are glad we stayed put and missed the snow but it would have been nice to see the horses.

  4. Still a little cold but by the middle of April it should be good. Glad you are still enjoying the Lifestyle.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

    1. Fingers crossed it is not to cold in April. Stay safe.

  5. Sometimes a short travel day is the best decision. Our grandson should have had his confirmation last year but that didn't happen because of COVID, we are not sure when it will happen but like you we will be there.

    1. When we heard the possibility of snow we knew staying put was our best
      Hopefully you grandson will be confirmed soon.