Saturday, March 13, 2021

Parked at Coyote Howls East

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Today was one of those slow days. As always we started the day with our morning coffee and were happy to see the sun and blue skies out the window. It was not a day to be sitting outside, 48 degrees, but we could feel the sun's warmth coming through the windows. After lunch we decided to take a ride and check out the Gunsight Wash BLM. We had taken a quick ride in a couple of years ago but never really looked at it as a possible place to park. Today we did; it would not be our first choice for boondocking in this area but would consider it in the future if we come back this way and could not find a place to park out on Darby Well Road with the Saguaros.  

Below are pictures I took out at Gunsight Wash.

We found a couple of spots we could see ourselves parked in.
Always nice to have options.

This is in a wash not far from where we are parked here at
Coyote Howls East. Under the arrow is a fishing rod.

I walked  around the site we are parked in as the sun set on our day. Tomorrow we will travel a little further east but for tonight we are tucked into this spot still in sight of the Saguaros. We have enjoyed our two nights here.

Good Night!

(Second of three posts that will catch us up)

 Tuesday, March 9, 2021 

Day 2 and more of those same Saguaros. We are sitting out and enjoying the views. There are Saguaros as far as we can see. Today I know I took pictures the evidence is below. Other then that I could not tell you what we did besides just enjoying the day.

Then I put my zoom lens on 

to bring these 

majestic cacti


Just liked the look of this picture.

The beautiful Ocotillo that are nearby.

Then there was this guy just standing so straight and proud.

It is amazing how many hundred of Saguaros are out here.
They are all beautiful in their own way. To think that
most of them have been here over a hundred years is
a wonderous thing to realize.

The sun has set on our day leaving this lovely glow.

We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. Good thing you stayed there!! It would have been a might chilly at the Grasslands. It's warmed up considerably again and this week should be fine. I do love the cloud laden skies, just not the snow part.

    1. We were very happy we decided to stay put. We do not need to experience snow. Would have been nice to see the horses, though.

  2. I love the sunset pic with the Joshua Tree in it..perfect! WAs a smart move to stay where you did looking at Doug's pictures this morning but it sounds like you can move on now to warmer temps :)

    1. Thank you. Yes, when we heard from Doug and he sent those pictures in the morning we were glad we stayed put.

  3. Love the pictures. Still making us jealous.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the beauty of nature.

    It's about time.

  4. The sunsets and saguaros are beautiful! Too bad it is chilly though, shouldn't it be heating up in March? Probably at 48F and sunny, I would be sitting out here but not there. Funny what a difference a winter location makes.

    1. It is interesting how we feel about the same temperature depending on location. In Michigan 48F would mean open the windows for a bit and get some fresh air it is finally getting warm. Out here it is close the windows it is