Friday, March 5, 2021

We Blinked and February Was Gone

It seems like February flew by; below is how we spent the end of the month.

The Rest of Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Today's goal was to be on the road and headed back north up by Quartzsite, about a two hour drive, around 2 o'clock and we managed to do just that. We would spend the night at the Roadrunner BLM and then on Thursday drive the short distance over to the Park Place RV Park for the next week. Normally we would have just left Ogilby on Thursday but with a Wind Advisory and the mention of gusts over 40 miles per hour over night and into Thursday we decided to leave this afternoon. (The wind did not really pickup until Thursday morning around 11 o'clock but as Tom drove the short distance over to the RV Park he said it had been the right decision to leave and come over this way on Wednesday.)

We are all packed up and ready to go. I will be following 
Tom in the Jeep until we get through the wash and on 
level ground where we will then hook up the Jeep.

Going, going

gone and then there was one. 

One last picture of a lovely green Ocotillo.

Heading East on I-8.
We will soon take an exit and connect over to US-95
which will take us to today's destination.

We pass by a lot of beautiful green fields filled with
vegetables as we travel out west.

Going by the US Army Yuma Proving Grounds

The helium-filled aerostat balloon hovering at 15, 000 feet.
It's job is to focus on low-flying airplanes.
Although it is on the Yuma Proving Grounds they just 
provide the space and the airspace security. 
The Department of Homeland Security operates the balloon.

There it is just a little white dot in the top center of the 
above picture. It is part of a six-aerostat team forming a 
radar fence along the southern United States, it watches for
drugs being flown across the international border.

Castle Dome Mountain in the distance.

The Road Ahead

Still seeing beautiful green Ocotillos.

Then we start spotting the majestic Saguaros again.

As much as we like spending time out on Ogilby Road
we do miss seeing the Saguaros.

The Border Patrol Check Point.

I do not ever remember seeing this sign before.

The Stone Cabin.

We are now getting close to our destination for the night.

Parked at Roadrunner BLM and the Ocotillos are green.

I had taken a short walk to take a couple of pictures and
when I turned around Tom had our chairs set up for
Happy Hour.

Our view as we sit out in the warmth of the sun.

The tall cactus on the left is where we were parked just 
a few short weeks ago. 

We sat for awhile with the sun behind us

and then we turned to watch the sun make its way down

behind the mountains.

Then it was gone just leaving a lovely glow behind.

The light is still on the mountains 

to the south of us

and just a touch of light on those to the north.

My just because roses.
Tom went in to Yuma and picked up a grocery
order this morning before we left and came 
home with these beautiful flowers.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

I still had my zoom lens on this morning when 
I opened the door to take this picture of the sun rising.

We could barely see this RV in the distance as we sat and
enjoyed our coffee this morning. We thought maybe we 
had found the Stinger "B"s twin.
I took this picture outside with my zoom lens.

I took a short walk to get a better picture. 
 It is a 5th Wheel Toy Hauler 
with a very nice paint job.

One last picture of an Ocotillo 

and we are off to our new home for the next week or so.

At the corner of East Main and Riggles Avenue.

February 25 through February 28th, 2021

These four days were spent cleaning and catching up with the wash. Other then that I did some crocheting. We are parked in the Park Place RV Park in Quartzsite and with our Passport America Membership the cost is just over $18 per night. It is a gravel parking lot but the sites are large and we have full hookups. For what we were looking for, a place to sweep out the dust and get our wash done, this was a good choice and we would stay here again. During this time I did not take any pictures I cannot put into words why I did not so no explanation. 

We are glad you stopped by!
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Park Place RV ... my go to every time I travel to Calif and back. It's nice and quiet and cheap! Not to mention the Arco next door has the cheapest fuel around. It always amazes me that all of you RV folks know the names of all the mountains. I know not ONE!!! Yes February went by in a flash. Possibly because I was inside too much, trying to keep out of the wind.

    1. Oh for crying out loud I read your blog never put it together. We had seen that Park many times had no idea it was so cheap and like you said quiet, except for that little bit of time in the morning when all the ATV's take off. We always get our fuel at that Arco now known as Arco One 9 Fuel Network and it is still the cheapest place. It will now be our go to place, also, when we need a place to sweep out the dust and wash. (P.S. we invested in some State Benchmark Atlases in the beginning of this retirement adventure, Arizona being one of them. When I cannot figure it out or am to lazy to look it up I talk about the "mountain"

  2. I keep forgetting the latest part of your journey is at the bottom - trying to confuse an old gal, eh? haha
    That is certainly a familiar drive past the Proving Grounds and blimp on the way to the Q. I had thought you were in Park Place RV and now see that is where you ended up. 😂
    I'm glad February wasted no time in passing through, it was a snowy cold one here in Ontario.

    1. Patsy, lets be honest there is nothing consistent about this I just looked at the one I am working on and it is the opposite, I am working backwards. I was going to say I need to get my act together but after seven years I am thinking there is no hope...😊 I like that ride on 95 and when we left Ogilby, where there are no Saguaros, just like when we are coming west and get close to Tucson I was watching for them.

  3. I'm still having trouble believing its March already let alone the 6th. Boondocking is wonderful but unlimited water to be able to shower and clean with for a few days is pure joy.

    1. I know I cannot believe how fast February flew by. Maybe it was the wind Nancy mentioned. Yes, the showering with unlimited water is the best. I love boondocking but I will admit I love full hookups every once and awhile.

  4. Beautiful pictures of your journey. Dolly and I had a Hamburger at the Stone Cabin many years ago. Looks sad sitting there abandoned. Enjoy your stay in Q.

    1. Thank you. The Stone Cabin does look sad sitting there abandoned. We did enjoy the full hookups.

  5. That's a trip down Memory Lane.
    Glad you are staying Safe and Enjoy the lifestyle.

    It's about time.

    1. Fingers crossed you are all back out here in the Fall enjoying the lifestyle. Stay safe.

  6. Thanks for the review of the Park Place RV. We might consider it in the future when in the area. Yes, I'm surprised too that you know the names of the surrounding mountains. I would have to look at a map and then start guessing. Nevertheless, the view are wonderful and thanks for the nice photos.

    1. You are welcome. I know we will stay there again when we want full hookups in that area. We were not looking for anything fancy just clean, kept up and not real expensive and it more then fit the bill. (I have a benchmark and when I cannot figure it out or do not feel like looking it up you will notice I say "mountain"...😀) Stay safe.

  7. What great pictures once again! Nice to be able to get things cleaned up and enjoy the full hookups. Gotta love Passport America.

    1. It is nice to get rid of a layer of dust to make room for As much as I really like boondocking I do enjoy full hookups every once and awhile. We have certainly gotten our money's worth from Passport America.

  8. Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing them with us.