Monday, April 11, 2022

Sayre, Oklahoma and a Catch Up

 Sunday, April 10, 2022

Our day started with 8 o'clock Mass at Queen of All Saints Catholic Church. This is a small parish and the priest was outside welcoming people in. He asked where we were visiting from and interestingly he had visited the UP years ago. Sometimes it is a small world. 

Pretty little church ready to celebrate Palm Sunday.
They had lovely stained glass windows, 
I only took pictures of two.

North Fork of the Red River

Just a slight breeze this morning. So after brunch Tom
was up on the roof checking things out.

The good news is it was not the solar panel and nothing else was loose except the antenna, which is now in the garbage. A while back when Tom was cleaning off the roof the wiring had disintegrated when he touched it and the antenna itself was corroded. Since, we do not watch that much television it was not high on the priority list to replace. It may now be time. 

I went back into town to take a couple of pictures and make a stop at Dollar General. We need to give the windows a thorough cleaning before the valances are replaced next week and I wanted a drop cloth to put over the couch to keep it from getting wet. 

This was an interesting find. I would have ventured down if
Tom had been with me but not by myself.

The bottom left is a house I spotted on the way to church.

The top picture is an Old Train Station turned into a museum.
It still makes me sad that they ripped the one in Escanaba down.

A couple more pictures of the Park we are at.

The RV area this evening. 
The only negative about this park are the goat heads stickers.
They seem to be everywhere outside in the sites.


Whenever we have stopped here we have found this to be a quiet place to stop and catch our breath, this time was not exception.  Even though we have never stayed less then a couple of nights this would also be a good overnight stop. I think I mentioned it is close to I-40 and there are several long pull through sites that we could easily fit into without unhooking.

Today the trek east continues.

Catching Up: Casa Grande, AZ

After leaving Quartzsite on March 29th we spent five nights at the High Chaparral RV Park in Casa Grande. Our reason for stopping there was two fold. One we needed to clean the inside of the accumulated desert dust and catch up on wash. Secondly we wanted to spend some time checking out a few of the other RV Parks in the area and the area itself. Thinking about the future we are looking for a home base and this area checks off several things on our wish list. Close to an airport, close to shopping, we still need to check out the medical in the area, and close to things to do and see when our kids, grandkids, extended family, or friends would decide to visit. 

Thursday, March 31, 2022

We decided to take a ride over to Florence and check out their Historical Downtown. It is quite evident they have done a good job of preserving what is special about this area. Our intention was just to ride through the area though I did get out and take several pictures. Another time it might be fun to spend more time checking the area out. There is a museum that would be fun to visit but today was not the day.

This is the Old Court House

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church.
A side door in the back was open and I could see they were
cleaning so I slipped in to take a picture of the altar area.

The Catholic Church Grounds

First Presbyterian Church

We both saw this at the same time.
Stinger Welding, Inc. is located in Coolidge, AZ, United States and is part of the Architectural and Structural Metals Manufacturing Industry. 

We passed by several green fields 

with mountains in the distance


I have often wondered what keeps them upright.
So I looked it up: By increasing the number of roots they put down, palms are able to hold on to a larger volume of soil and therefore possess a much heavier base. This keeps them stranding upright in all but the worst conditions.

Friday, April 1, 2022

We spent part of today looking at several RV Parks in the area.
The bottom picture is what most of the sites looked like
Right would be where the RV would be parked and on the
left there is room for your vehicle with the cement patio.
The above picture was the only exception that we saw.
Though the site was not any bigger it was all brick.

Our conclusion at the end of the day is that price wise the High Chaparral RV is the best value and as far as site size not much different then any of the other parks we checked out. The only thing they do not have is the cement patio and that is not a deal breaker for us. To be continued in the fall.

Saturday, April 2, 2022

St. Helen of the Cross Catholic Church in Eloy, AZ
We attended Mass here Saturday evening.

The two side altars.

I just liked the contrast of the colors.

Our site.

Our Happy Hour views after the RV next to us left.
Not quite the same as being parked in the desert.

This was our last evening here. In the morning we continued our trek east.

We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. So glad to hear the solar panels where okay! Our reasons for staying at High Chaparral were the same as yours, yes cleaning, but we also wanted to check out the area as a future winter home.

    1. Interesting that we were all there to check out the area as a future home area. We thought it had more pros then cons and will be doing more research.

  2. Glad the problem was a quick temporary fix. If replacing the Antenna you might consider the King Antenna since it can be mounted solid to the roof.
    When we stayed in Casa Grande we found everything you are looking for.
    Looking forward to the day we are back on the road.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Tom will be checking into the King Antenna; thank you for the suggestion.
      Hope you and Kathy are back on the road soon.

  3. I really like the Casa Grande area. It has everything and NO snow!! Safe travels ... watch out for those tornados!! I'd love to visit Florence one day and check out their history!!

    1. Honestly, through Oklahoma and Missouri tornados do come to mind. Tom and I would like to go back and spend a little more time it was to quick of a visit.

  4. Florence looks like it would be a nice town to visit. Does this mean you would leave the Stinger B and fly home if the High Chapparal became your home? Would you be looking for sticks and brick eventually? Nosey I know lol. Love Sayre OK! Beautiful pics of your trip so far! :)

    1. We are not sure exactly what we will purchase. Part of what we were looking for this time was a place to stay at in the the area to really check it out and after visiting several parks the High Chaparral fits that bill. Where ever we land eventually, yes, we would leave the Stinger B and fly or drive our tow vehicle home for some holidays. Hugs.

  5. Casa Grande is a really nice area. We have stayed at High Chapparal as well and found it very nice. There are some beautiful RV Parks there but many of them are out of our price range.

    1. We were happy with the High Chaparral, also. Just wanted to see what else was out there. I hear you about the prices. We checked one out that was over a $1,000 a month; very nice but a little to much for our budget.