Saturday, April 23, 2022

The Rest of Our Ride Back to Michigan

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Today started dark and grey with a cold wind. The young man who would be putting our valances up knocked on the door a little after 7:00AM. We were expecting him and had just finishing our second mug of coffee when he knocked. As he started working, we left to get out of his way, and decided on breakfast at the Dutch Village. Afterwards we stopped at a place that had RV Supplies. Tom wanted to check to see if he could buy an extra set of locking bolts that keep the Jeep hooked to the motorhome and he was successful. After one other stop we took a slow ride around the area before heading back to the Stinger "B". When we got there just before noon the young man was finished and we had seven new valances in place.

The way the horse looked my way in the top picture 
I was not sure if he approved of me taking his picture.

They have two water towers. 
Under the horse and buggy this one says: Embrace the pace.
Upper left: the Stinger "B" is waiting for us
at Wood Design RV Interiors.

We will be back here in July to have our Captain's Chairs recovered and that means we will be doing more exploring of this area and there will be more pictures...😎. For now we packed up, paid our bill, and pulled out of their driveway. After a brief stop at Showalter RV to have measurements taken to replace the gaskets around our two slides which we will also have taken care of in July we headed East.

Our new Valances.
They did a wonderful job matching the wood color.
I decided on one above the sink and I am glad I did.

Leaving Nappanee, IN we followed this Horse and Buggy
for a bit on US-6 heading East. The clouds are moving
and the blue sky is beautiful to see.

Sights along our route. US-6 is a two lane highway
that took us through rural America. 

We traveled this route last April after we left Nappanee
with estimates for the work we wanted done.

At some point this afternoon we crossed into Ohio and I missed the sign. Our day ended in the Walmart parking lot in Bryan, Ohio.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Leaving Bryan, Ohio tonight we will sleep in Michigan.

I again tried to get this building with the tower in a picture 
with not luck. The tower is in the upper left. 

It always make me a little nervous when I see these in the 
distance not looking like there is a very high clearance.
As we get closer they look higher.

It is a dreary grey day and 

and the front windshield is very dirty.

Yet the views do capture my attention.

It is hard to tell in the picture but this barn was blue.

Fayette Opera House.
From what I could find out they bring in different musical acts
and rent it our for special occasions. 

Tom saw this and by the time I focused this was what I captured.

"Baby" Trees

We passed by a lot of empty corn fields today. 

As I recall we saw some harvesting as we came
through in October.

Having just gone by the northwest corner of Toledo's traffic
we are now headed north on US-23.

We crossed into Michigan about 2:50PM and our stop for 
tonight is a RV parking area at Cabela's in Dundee, MI.
Tim Horton's for our Canadian friends 
and a flag across the highway.

After 201 days we parked where we were the night before
we left Michigan for our 8th Adventure.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

The day started with rain but soon the sky started to clear. Only 31 miles to our destination, the Wayne County Fairgrounds, so not a big rush this morning. 

Stepping out in the parking lot this is the sky surrounding us.
Beautiful big white fluffy clouds with blue sky.

Goodbye Cabela's; Thank you for your hospitality.

You know you are in Michigan when you start seeing
Bronner signs.

We are settled into our site which will be home for 11 nights as we spend time visiting with our son and his family. Lots of grandbaby hugs coming our way. 

We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. Your valances are beautiful!! It’s so nice to find a business that does good work. Beautiful country. I love seeing the horse and buggies.

    1. We feel very lucky to have found this company and are definitely happy with the work they have done for us. Plus, all the people we have dealt with there have been very pleasant to deal with.

  2. How did your front curtains come out. We need to replace ours. Love your pictures. The Amish ones remind me of when we go to Berlin, Ohio. Always love to see the horses. We have stayed in Algonac and I know that you had stayed there too. It is neat to get a site by the road so you can watch the freighters on the St.Clair River. It is a neat little town and love to drive up the coast. Glad your are happy with your valances. We need to get our Captain Chairs redone too. Enjoy those grandkid hugs.

    1. Honestly, I am not unhappy with the curtains themselves; though I would have preferred pleats. He does pleats our track would have had to be replaced. I am happy with the quality of the work. Sadly, we have never been quick enough with our reservations to get one of those roadside spots at Algonac. When we were setting up the first time and I looked up and saw a large freighter go by I was totally surprised. We had no idea it was all about a place by our son and his family so we had not done any research about the place. The ride along the coast and by St. John's Marsh is beautiful. Well at least what we see of it between Algonac and New Baltimore and we have been as far north as Marine City. There never seems to be enough hours in the day when we are down here. The hugs have been great.

  3. Hope you are having a wonderful stay in Michigan enjoying visiting with your family.

    1. We are enjoying our time down here by our son and his family.

  4. Your valances look great, enjoy your grandbaby hugs!

    1. Thank you, and we are enjoying those hugs...😊

  5. I love your valances toi, you'll be glad to have them done.
    Those bridges sure look low and i would also freak out. We're nervous about 2 lane highways for that reason. Our gps should tell us but.....

    1. We have a Motor Carriers Atlas and I do check the roads on our route to make sure semi's can travel whatever road it is. My thought is if they can then we should be okay. But when they look that low I sort of hold my breath as we go

  6. I can't believe I am just now reading the blog! Where have I been LOL. Love the area and all the beautiful pictures! Those back roads are our favorite way to travel, you see so much more than interstates! The farms, barns, silos all of it!!