Saturday, November 5, 2022

A Short Summary of Our Days Since Our April Blog

 As I write this we are in Texas. More about that as I catch this blog up to the present.

The following is a very short summary of our summer for the most part there will not be any dates because I do not have that good of a memory.

Our son and grandson after receiving their
Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do.
To be here for this event is why we came 
back in April.

We were there to see our Grandson graduate
from Kindergarten in May.

We spent time with this group

and this group

We watched Charlotte in her first Track Meet.

We watched both of these cuties dance on stage.

We traveled over this bridge twice.

There was watching a favorite show and
fishing with Papa.

Our Captain Chairs were recovered. 

Working on Auntie Rachel's fireplace.
There will be sitting around and watching the roasting
of marshmallows soon.

We visited a Sunflower farm.

The beginning of August Charlotte and I
visited with Auntie Chris and Uncle Perry.

Leaving the game after watching Adelaide cheer.

The summer flew by as we spent time with family and friends. In between I spent time at our storage unit going through boxes and more boxes of stuff. I was able to get rid of several boxes, more then a dozen left our unit, and now we have a path to get to the stuff that is left. 

As I write this I am thinking it sounds like we did not do much this summer but it is about the everyday living and time goes by. There were doctor appointments for our yearly checkups and eye doctor appointments. There were appointments for the motorhome checkup and the Jeep. There was spending time with those we love and there were quiet moments as time flew by. 

Then it was September 16th and we were on the move leaving the UP behind us and Wisconsin was ahead.


  1. I’m like you during the summer, I don’t feel as we’ve done a lot but we are busy doing things. Family is an everyday event during our time in our summer spot, not exciting or news worthy but a source of love and enjoyment. Each day is spent living, laughing and loving.


    1. Your last sentence is the perfect description of how each day should be spent.

  2. It was the best summer ever!!! Love your favorite child ❤️

  3. Nice family pictures and beautiful sunflowers!