Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Head West in Texas

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

We had made the decision to leave Magnolia Beach today on Sunday. Right now we are on somewhat of a schedule until the middle of December. (This will unfold as I get this blog caught up to real time.) Originally the plan was for four nights and that is what we ended up spending in this spot.

What woke us up this morning was loud wind and a heavy downpour. When Tom looked out the front window the waves were within a few feet and coming closer with a small river running under the Stinger "B". Time to back up. We had brought the livingroom slide in the night before so we pulled in the bedroom slide and did just that and he turned us onto a fairly dry area. After having our coffee while watching the waves come in and the rain come down we managed to get ready to head out. We lucked out as there was somewhat of a slowdown in the rain when it was time to hook up the Jeep. Looking back after we backed up and parked I was sorry I had not braved up and step outside to take some pictures. Hindsight is 20/20.

It felt like the sky and water were angry this morning.

Leaving Magnolia Beach. 

Side note: When I was trying to find the directions to the boondocking area at Magnolia Beach there were several mentions of a bridge just before you get to where you can pull over onto the beach. The weight limit mentioned for this bridge was 10,000 lbs. If you are in a big rig, like we are, your rig weighs more than that and you really should not go over said bridge. Though from what I also read a lot of RVer's go over it anyway but this was not an option we would consider.  As I continued to search I could not find  a clear cut way out to the beach area for big rigs. I   found sites where people talked about taking an alternate route. I even watched a video with narration of  one couples ride out. The thing no one mentioned was the route itself with road names. So if you are wondering how to get there in a big rig: follow the directions for Magnolia Beach Boondocking, which is what I put into Google Maps but when you get to TX-316 stay on it until the Bay is in front of you and you can turn right or left. Turn left and you will come to where you will see the rigs parked on the beach turn in as you have arrived. One last note, if you are not stocked up on groceries there is a HEB in Pt. Lavaca along with a Walmart. Also, if you get there later in the day and do not want to ride out in the dark the Walmart did allow overnight parking. We actually stopped at Walmart unhooked the Jeep, took the ride out to find the way in, and were glad we did.

We ended the day in Goliad, TX at a Passport America Park called Angels of Goliad RV. It was a nice and clean park with gravel sites, though the sites were not real level but manageable. It was just a little over 100 miles and a place to dump our tanks and fill up our fresh water one. We would stay here again if going through the area. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

We will be making our way to US-90 today and the Medina Safety Rest Area where we plan on stopping for tonight. We will then be staying on US-90 until we reach Alpine, TX .

First stop this morning was for diesel where we paid $4.53
a gallon at The Texan Truck Stop.
Leaving I spotted this unusual setup parked in the lot.

On our way.
Our views along the way.

We did make it to the Medina Safety Rest Area where we spent a quiet restful night. This was the first time we have ever spent the night at a rest area and were the only RV in the lot. Plus, only one semi at the other end of the lot in the morning. 

Thursday, November 3, 2022

We opened the curtains this morning to a foggy day. 

We are on our way in the fog.

I kept thinking I bet the views would be great

if we could see them.

The first Border Patrol Check Point we
have seen this year. It was for those heading East.

Finally the fog lifted.

Not the best picture but those are green Ocotillos up that hill.

The road


Our first Border Patrol Check Point this year. 
One question and we continued on our way.

We came through this way our first year in January 2015
and we stopped here..  Not this time.

When we came this way in 2015 "the plan" was to head
where we are now headed. The weather that year was
going to drop into the 20's so this is where we turned 
and headed to Ft. Stockton.

Tonight's stop was at the Marathon RV Park in Marathon, TX another Passport America Park. The pull through was long enough so we did not have to unhook which was nice. The only complaint would be the abundance of Goatheads. Price $20.00

Friday, November 4, 2022

Today is the last day of this leg of our journey. Today's goal is  the Maverick Ranch RV Park in Lajitas, Texas and we will be there in 124 miles.  

On our way we will continue on US-90 until Alpine, TX

We have now turned onto TX-118.

The scenery is beautiful but the Stinger "B" struggled
on a few of the hills.

I can see Ocotillos in every direction and they
are mostly a lovely green.

We are still on TX-118 in this picture.

We turned onto FM170 for the last 17 miles. I stopped taking pictures at this point, since, we will take this road several times while we are here and I will take pictures then. These last 17 miles were not a lot of fun for the Stinger "B" she struggled going up several hills and the last one was a hard pull but she did make it. We had booked our stay for three nights; when we got here we decided to stay for seven. This is not a trip we would take again with this motorhome so we decided to spend more time. When we leave I will be driving the jeep and we only plan on having a small amount of fresh water on board. Mainly because besides going up several hills there were several of the same size we went down. Tom is sure we will make it but the decision made is it is better to be safe then sorry.  Also, some one with a bigger engine would probably not have the problem we did. Live and learn as they say. Yet we are glad we arrived. Second Texas Bucket List Location...✔✔✔😊

Saturday, November 5. 2022

Today we stayed home. After 4 days of traveling we did not want to go anywhere. So we did a little cleaning and just relaxed. 

Tonight's sunset

It was what we would call a good day.

We are so glad you stopped by!
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  1. Ummm that's fifth wheel hooked up to that truck. That's safe, right?? I always wanted to see the Judge Roy Bean Museum. Maybe one of these days.

    1. I cannot imagine what happens if they hit a bump with how low the 5th wheel is in the front. I would have like to have seen it moving. It was a fun stop and fun looking back at the pictures when I did this blog.

  2. I can’t imagine that fuel truck with the 5er behind would be all that safe. The front looks pretty low, I would worry about any bumps, dips and bad roads.
    Loved the beach photos, very nice. The angry sky and water comment is right on, they can turn angry very quickly, dark and foreboding comes to mind. I too would have been pulling out.
    Very scenic drive, those rolling hills are pretty to see. Glad you are staying longer, seems like a lot of work for just a few days. The Stinger Bee will be happy for the rest. Good idea to drive the Jeep, less stress on everyone.


    1. I cannot imagine it was a very safe set up either. Like I said, above would have been interesting to see it moving.
      After we looked at the calendar and knew we had the time after that ride it just made sense. Now that the week is up we definitely know it was the right decision.

  3. Awesome pictures of your ride! We definitely would like to see Magnolia Beach, it looks so awesome! I like the way after struggling up the hills, you decided to stay for 7 nights :)

    1. I really think you would enjoy Magnolia Beach I hope this is your year...:)