Tuesday, November 22, 2022

The Trek Back East Continues (Plus More Pictures of the From Friday)

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 Sunday, November 20, 2022

Leaving the La Mesa Motel in Santa Rosa, NM
this morning. Tom was putting the last of our stuff
back in the Jeep. It was a clean "Mom and Pop Motel and
the ice was even hand delivered. A very nice stop for us.

A few pictures of today's ride.
I always like spotting the windmills.

Then they were standing side by side the wind turbines
and my favorite, tall and proud, the windmill.

Then we left New Mexico behind and drove into Texas.
I missed the Texas Welcome sign but the state line sign 
is in this picture. Along with the sign that said you are 
entering the Central Time Zone. What it should say is:
You just lost an hour of your life.

I remembered the Big Texan was coming up
and then missed the leaning water tower.

Missed the Oklahoma Welcome sign at the state line
 but did manage to get the one at the Welcome Center.

We put about 475 miles behind us today as we traveled East. Not as many as we wanted to because we did make a stop in Amarillo, Texas to do some shopping and then have a late lunch. Tom now has a winter jacket so he will not freeze as we get closer to the frozen North. We also picked up a few more clothing items so we now each have a couple of "outfits". Still on our list is winter gloves and hats though those items I actually forgot in the motorhome; they were not even on my list. One other thing is a box of Kleenex, seriously they took our box of Kleenex and the bag I had hand sanitizer and our masks in. It was a cute bag from the Treasure Island in Las Vegas where we stayed for our 25th Wedding Anniversary Trip. Which means that bag was almost 28 years old. I seriously got my money's worth out of that bag. Whoever you are who got the masks, well you enjoy them.

Monday, November 21, 2022 

When we stopped here for the night it was dark. The room 
was quaint but clean. It looked like it belonged on 
Route 66 and it was.

Chandler, OK which is the name of the city where the above
motel was. We stopped at the Manvel Avenue Coffee for 
our morning cup. Thought the sign, upper right, they had 
in front pretty much summed it up.

A couple of pictures from today's ride. I am really not taking 
many pictures this trip. 

This was the only sign I saw welcoming us to Missouri.

Now this is cute. They had a couple more with similar 
themed sayings but it was dark when we passed them. 

Today we put 497 miles behind us and that leaves exactly, according to google maps, 500 miles and we will be in our son and daughter in law's driveway. I am just slightly anxious, who am I kidding, I can hardly wait for us to pull up and gets some grandchildren and children hugs. Those hugs and the ones waiting in the Upper Peninsula are what will make this whole trip worth it. 

We made several calls today and are feeling a little better about losing all our papers. Two of the people I talked to today had similar experiences which resulted in losing their personal information and they said it does get better the more you get taken care of. So, that gives us hope of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

More Pictures of the Beautiful Scenery we drove through on Friday, November 18th.

This was just before the Miami, Arizona City Limits.

You can see where we are headed in this picture

but first we have to make our way there.

Looking back up at where we just came from.

Then we could see this in the distance.

The Salt River Canyon Rest Area at the floor of the canyon is located on the San Carlos and White Mountain Apache Reservations, according to information from the Arizona Department of Transportation. It sits on the banks of the Salt River and offers wonderful views of the canyon and the old and new bridges that cross the river.
The Salt River, along with the Black River, forms the boundary between the Fort Apache Indian Reservation to the north and the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation to the south.
The name Salt River comes from the fact that the river flows over large salt deposits shortly after the merging of the White and Black Rivers. It is within this stretch of land that the fresh water becomes salty, which again, is a very rare occurrence not commonly found anywhere else in the world. ( A few facts about the river itself that I found only and thought were interesting.)

We took the time to walk out on the bridge.

Looking down through the highway bridge at the 
Salt River below.

One last picture from where we were parked.

I had mentioned a few pictures back that this is where 
we were headed and we are now here.

This was looking down from the road.

I will end here for today. I will be sharing the rest of this ride in our next blog. 

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  1. Very interesting facts about the Salt River, that is indeed a marvel.
    As always I love the views.
    Glad Tom now has a winter coat, and the gloves well, we all forget things.
    Continued safe journey!


    1. It was interesting to read the little bit I did about the Salt River.

  2. I'm just so sorry that happened to you. People say it's only "stuff", but it's MY stuff!! I imagine they think you might hide money in the Kleenex box. I hope they get what's coming to them!!! That area is beautiful ... I love seeing your pictures. Safe travels ...

    1. Thank you, Nancy. I have always said, even though we may not see it everyone eventually gets what is coming to them. Luckily there are good people and through this we have met several more. The people in charge at the Days Inn East in Albuquerque not part of that group.

  3. I love those Route 66 motels so much more than the new ones! Sure brings back memories as a child! :) Friday's drive was incredibly beautiful! Yep, I can see excited grandkids for sure!

    1. One more set of photos from Friday coming We have always enjoyed staying at "Mom and Pop" motels and if we had only left a little earlier on Friday we would have made it past Albuquerque and been at one of those. Cannot go back in time only forward and the grandkids' and kids' hugs all worth it.

  4. The southwest is beautiful and you brought it out in your pictures. You will be glad to be home I'm sure.

    1. It is good to be spending this time with family.

  5. Such beautiful pictures. May God's angels travel with you.

  6. I'm so excited for you to get those grandchildren hugs, they are the best :-)

    1. They are the best and I have been enjoying everyone of those hugs!

  7. The views are lovely, that is why we love the southwest, isn't it??
    Yay, Tom will be warm and I'm glad things are falling into place. Travel safe. 💕

    1. Those views are why we love the southwest for sure.

  8. Beautiful pictures of the Southwest. I'm so sad about what happened to you. Enjoy your family and get lots of hugs.

    1. Thank you, Romy. I am getting as many hugs as I can.

  9. Fun to see the familiar sights from that route, it has been a few years since we have been through that way.