Thursday, November 10, 2022

Driving to Presidio, Texas

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Sunday, November 6, 2022 

After doing some checking online I called the office here at the park to find out were the nearest Catholic Church is. I was told in Presidio which is about 50 miles away. On Sunday morning we left the RV Park turned right on FM170 and headed West to Presidio, Texas. 

It was a beautiful early morning ride along the El Camino del Rio “The River Road”; FM 170 from Lajitas to Presidio. I read that this stretch is considered "Texas' Most Scenic Ride" and we can see why. You are up and down on this winding road through the Bofecilles Mountains with several peeks of the Rio Grande River which separates the US from Mexico. With every up and down and corner we took the views were breath taking. 

I took the pictures below with my phone and, though they cannot begin to showcase the beauty of this ride, I offer them below. Starting in the upper left of the collage move to the right, middle left, right, then bottom left and right on each one and that is the ride.


We saw the "wiggle worm" sign quite a few times.

This one as you can see is just the beautiful green
vegetation on the side of this hill.

There were two bridges being repaired along the way.

There are so many Ocotillos down here.

We saw several of these since we have been on FM-170.
Would not want to come up on with the water at the 5 mark.

It took us a little over an hour and we spotted this sign.

The church of Santa Teresa de Jesús was founded in 1870, the present church was built around 1912, and Santa Teresa became a parish in 1916. The church was restored in 2009, and continues to serve as an active parish church. Location: 1101 O'Reilly St, Presidio, Texas

Santa Teresa de Jesús Catholic Church

The plaque states that the church was rededicated 
in October of 1983.

The Holy Water Font on your right
as you enter the church.

We always know we have made it to the
Southwest when we see statues and or
pictures of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The Altar and the two seating alcoves on the left and right.

The plaque on the bottom says:
Celebrating 325 years October 15, 2008
It was impossible to take this picture without
the reflections. I tried several different angles.

Choir loft.
Bottom pictures are located on the left and right
of the church entrance under the choir loft.

The side court yard.
This was in the side courtyard, also.

The church, built in 1912, is home to a parish that is notable as the home of the first Christmas celebration in Texas, in 1683

The mural and the picture of our Lady of Guadalupe
are in the parking lot across from the church.

Santa Teresa de Jesus Catholic Church in Presidio, TX  is a small beautiful church and it was a joy to go to Mass here. You could feel the spiritual joy in the parishioners as they participated in the Mass through songs, readings, and prayers.

The Bean Café
Two murals we saw in town.

After Mass we stopped at The Bean Café. Tom had breakfast and I had lunch and we both enjoyed our food. We would go back and eat there again.

After we ate we took a short ride around town and then headed back East on FM-170. On the way back we stopped at Fort Leaton a State Historic Site. Not to overload this post with any more pictures I decided to do a second post of the ride back.  

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  1. I first started traveling that road in the early 70s and it still is a wonder to ride and see. The camping out in that area in the spring is really great with lots of wild flowers all over the place.

    1. Wildflowers all over the place must be a beautiful thing to see along there. Now that area is back on our "bucket list"!

  2. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful...tomorrow I'll look at the pictures on the PC to see everything better.

  3. The drive was beautiful and the church is amazing.

    1. I am glad we had the chance to take the ride and visit the church. Sometimes things fall into place.

  4. An eye catching ride. Very cute little church, such simple beauty. Great history. Looking forward to the remainder of the ride.