Sunday, November 6, 2022

Decisions Made and We are Heading South

Sunday, November 6, 2022 

We are in Texas and in Lajitas near Big Bend National Park. Today we took a ride to Presidio, Texas and this is just a few of the pictures I took along the way. When we arrived on Friday the "plan" was to spend three nights here. After realizing just how much there is to see we decided to spend a week. Will we see everything in a week? The answer is no but we will enjoy what we do experience. As I get caught up to real time there will be a post about today and a lot more pictures. It was a beautiful day under blue skies; it was a good day!

Friday, October 21, 2022

Today we left the Amana RV Park after three nights and we are headed south to Texas. We discussed different routes and destinations but there are two bucket list places we have wanted to visit in Texas so we are on our way.

The leaves were showing us some beautiful color as we traveled along. The start of our Ninth Adventure and we are still grateful to be living our retirement dream.

"Back to the Future"

Tonight's stop was the Lathrop Rest Area in Missouri along I- 35. Even though we were right next to the Interstate I remember we slept amazing well.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Still heading south under lovely blue skies.

Lathrop Rest Area in Missouri.

Going by Kansas City.

Then we were in Kansas.
Missed the sign.

Then into Oklahoma.
We were even on Route 66 for a few miles.

We spent the night at the Walmart in Muskogee, OK.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Leaving the Walmart parking lot we are still heading South and today's goal to spend the night in a Texas Safety Rest Area South of Dallas.

Not much traffic yet and it is clear sailing 
under partly cloudy skies.

I have no idea???
Just thought it looked interesting.

Beautiful lake on both sides of the highway.

There is a breeze and we are still seeing beautiful color.

We have crossed into Texas.

Today's challenge Dallas. We drove straight through and Tom
did a great job getting us over for every quick turn.
There would be more pictures but there were a lot of 
those quick turns and I needed to stay with the directions.
You really have to appreciate the love Texas has for their star.

We made it and in a few miles the Stinger "B" pulled into the Hill County Safety Rest Area near Hillsboro, TX where we would spend the night. 

Monday, October 24, 2022

Having our coffee and letting our day unfold. Our water pump is acting up, it does not shut off on its own, since, we do a lot of dry camping a pump is an essential piece of equipment. The first call is to a campground near Waco to see if they have an opening for the next few days. They do and we are booked in. Next call was to a mobile rv repair. Tom had done some research yesterday and when we asked the person at the RV Park for a recommendation it was the first suggestion she made. Though she did text us the names of several others in the area.

If you are in the Waco area and need help we would
highly recommend this gentleman.

Tom gave him a call and after explaining our problem he had a few questions about where we were along with where we were headed. He was near a Walmart not far from the rest area and suggested we meet there. T
his would save us the expense of the service call if he came out to the RV Park.  Side note: when Tom mentioned the name brand of the water pump we had he knew right away what our issue was. That was one of the reasons he had stopped using that particular brand. So in the misting rain in a Walmart parking lot Jim Woolard replaced our water pump and is pretty sure he found the leak, mostly a drip, no on else had been able to take care. So far as I write this Tom has not seen any evidence of that leak which had been with us for a while. He was a very nice, personable gentleman who seemed to know what he was doing. Plus, the bill was reasonable. 

Our next stop for the day was the Brazos Trails RV Park in Riesel, TX.  It is a Passport America Park and they only offer the half off for one night. We ended up spending three nights. (Side note: they do have propane available and offer a small discount if you are staying in the Park.) It was basically a parking lot though clean and we would stay here again if we were coming through the area and looking for an overnight spot.

After checking into the park we pulled ahead to a level spot to unhook the Jeep from the Motorhome and the Jeep's battery was completely dead. We have towed the Jeep many miles behind the motorhome since January of 2017 and this was a first. What this meant was I could not take the Jeep out of tow mode. So we pulled into our site and Tom made some phone calls. We lucked out and found a Chrysler Dealership in Waco that had a large pull through area which meant we could pull in and pull out easily. They changed the battery and we were back in business. One of our cells was completely gone. We drove back to the park, pulled in, unhooked the Jeep, set up, and it was time for Happy Hour. As they say all is well that ends well.

One last side note: we experienced a extreme wobble on the way to the dealership and we were pretty sure it was the Jeep causing it. Tom pulled over checked all the tires to make sure that was not the issue and it was not. Once we started up again no more problem. Doing some research online I found that we had what someone called, "the perfect storm".
We had gone over several rough patches of highway, our speed was around 55mph, and our battery was dead. Fingerscrossed that it never happens again. 

As I mentioned we spent three nights here. Except for going back into Waco to pick up a couple of items and a few groceries we pretty much hung out at the park. We had spent time in Waco a few years ago and did the tourist thing. We  just did not feel like it this time. I caught up on some wash, Tom took care of a few chores around the motorhome, and we relaxed.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

A late start today, we did not pull out of the park until a little after 11 o'clock. We are retired and just did not move that fast this morning.

Had to take a picture of their sign.
We are going through Rosebud, Texas.

Today's scenery

as we drove even further south.

Tonight we are stopped at the Walmart in Pt. Lavaca, Texas. Tomorrow a Bucket List Location gets a check mark next to it.

We are so glad you stopped by!
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  1. I enjoyed riding along with you folks. Some interesting things to see. Wonderful that you got everything handled so quickly and it appears almost effortlessly ( of course we know it wasn’t but you made it seem so).
    Continued safe travels.


    1. In the moment when things go wrong it is overwhelming and not being able to unhook the Jeep was one of those moments. The pump well that has been an ongoing thorn in our side. In the end the solution to both problems ended up being easy fixes; though $$$ flew out the window. 😉

  2. So nice that you could find a competent and reliable Mobile RV Tech to replace your water pump, in the rain no less!

    1. We did luck out and at least it stopped down pouring while he worked.

  3. So lucky to find a reputable RV guy. Glad you got things fixed so quickly. I love your attitude .. we'll just get it fixed. I would be in frantic mode!!! Look forward to seeing you this winter.

    1. I do have frantic moments but luckily Tom always seems to stay calm which in turn gets me out of the We are looking forward to seeing you and Cooper this winter, also.

  4. Looks like a great time. I think you were pretty close to us. We are between Waco and Austin. Safe travels.