Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Another Moving Day....A Windy Day In Desert

Monday, January 30, 2023

We were up early and I was able to see the colors of the sunrise this last morning parked out in the Roadrunner BLM. We had planned on being on the move by 9:00AM but with one thing and another it was almost noon by the time we left Roadrunner. Before heading south we drove into Quartzsite and stopped at the Tumbleweed RV Park to dump our black and grey tanks then fill our fresh water tank. It was just about 1 o'clock when we pointed the Stinger "B" South and started the day's journey of a little over 100 miles.

Today's sunrise was colorful behind the clouds.

A little later I caught a glimpse of the sun through the clouds.

The Dome Mountains are beautiful in the early light.


Looking back at the Dome Rock Mountains
as we pull away.

We are on US-95 and heading south.
In the upper picture we are passing by La Posa West.

Upper picture is where you will find Palm Canyon.

We have taken this ride several times over the years.
The ruggedness of the Kofa Mountains is beautiful.
Going south 

this is my favorite part of the ride.

We are going down hill

around the curve

then it is flat ahead.
Today we can see the sun ahead for a brief moment.

When the sun light hits this grass 
it shines golden.

Looking out to the west it looks like it is raining.
Then it is raining where we are for a few miles.

I could see the Aerostat Balloon grounded in the 
distance with a lot of cropping it is in the middle
on the ground.

Going by the road to the Yuma Proving Grounds
and the Imperial Dam LTVA.

Laguna Mountains

Then turning a corner we see the green of growing
crops and a Little Chapel in the distance.

We have merged on to I-8 going west.

I can see the St. Thomas Indian Mission Church in the
distance as we cross over the Colorado River.

We are in California now and we pass by some fields
that are being harvested.

Soon we are turning North on to Ogilby Road
and the clouds ahead look dark. 

Cargo Muchacho Mountains are in the sunlight.

The clouds over the Ogilby Hills
are creating beautiful shadows.

We have turned off of Ogilby Road headed towards

the Cargo Muchacho Mountains and in the distance
we can see what will be home for awhile.

As we stand talking with Deb and Riley I take these 
pictures of familiar views. The clouds are beautifully
touching the Cargo Muchacho Mountains and
the Ogilby Hills.

After we say our hello's Deb and Riley leave to let us get set up. We park the Stinger "B' and put out the slides and I organize inside while Tom does some organizing outside. There is a cold wind coming out of the North but we set up chairs and sit outside and we are soon joined by Doug and Yuma who had been shopping in Yuma when we arrived. As we sit down Deb and Riley brave the cold and wind and join us for what will be a short Happy Hour. We do some catching up but it is not long and we all agree it is time to return to the warmth of our homes. One thing for sure it feels good to be in this place with friends we are home

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

It rained over night and we awoke to the wind doing a good job of blowing in some cold air. I told Tom I would not be stepping outside the door today and I never did. I spent a relaxing day inside reading, that is it nothing else. Tom was able to go online and order the tabs for our license plates for the the Stinger "B" and Jeep. It seemed to go amazingly well so that was a plus to keep his day

The pictures I took below were through our various windows. 

Looking to the left I can see the Igloo and the Dogsled.

To the right I can see the White Lion.

This is our neighborhood and we all stayed tucked in for the day.

This is looking north.

There was color in the sky as the sun light left our day.

For a while after the light left our day I could see
this line of orange between the clouds and the horizon.
Every time I looked this way earlier it had been
a line of blue sky between the clouds and the horizon.

Today was not a day for sitting out and enjoying the company of friends it was a day to spend inside with the blue flame heater sending out its warmth while I sat nestled in our recliner with my shawl and a good book. Tom spent a good part of the day on the computer I am not sure what all he did but I do know some of it was spent looking at property. At some point in the next year or so we would like to have a home base. Later in the evening when we went to bed we could again hear the rain on our roof top and the wind picked up some speed. It was a good day spent relaxing together in our home. 

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  1. Great pictures Deb! Some days are nice to enjoy with a good book and a heater! Nice to have your group together again!

    1. Yes, a good book and a heater can be a wonderful day! It is nice to be parked with this group again. Always room in this neighborhood.

  2. Very nice post. I enjoyed the photos. Yesterday was definitely a day for staying inside and keeping warm. Nice to see the Stinger B pulling in again after the few days absences. Welcome home! LOL.


  3. Not happy that I'm going to miss everyone this year. Can you send a picture of a map showing where you are on Ogilby Road? I've looked it up, but am not finding anything.

    1. I do not know about everyone else but we are going to be around for awhile and we are planning on Tucson being one of our stops so I am still hoping we get a chance to see each other. My phone signal has been spotty out here this time, it was perfect last time go figure, but I will message you a map when it co-operates.

  4. You got me intrigued as to where Tom is looking for a sticks and bricks ;-)

    1. Right now he is pretty much looking in Arizona, not trying to be vague that is the

  5. Tuesday was a nasty day, yesterday was much nicer and today better still! Enjoy!

    1. Today was beautiful! Plus, so quiet after Tuesday's