Saturday, February 4, 2023

Two More Days Enjoying Life

Friday and Saturday, February 3rd & 4th, 2023

Two more days in this wonderfully peaceful place in the desert to be cherished and added to  our memory book. Tom and I started the day, Friday, with our coffee sitting out and watching the sun make its way over the Cargo Muchacho Mountains. 

We then took off in the Dogsled to spend time with friends, Deb and Riley, On a long and lonesome highway... and Doug, Miss Adventure Travels at the Arizona Marketplace. Checking out all the aisles looking for those bargains we all walked out with at least one bag.  If you check there blogs they will have pictures. We had hoped to put in an order for a dash cover but it seems there is no pattern available for the Stinger "B"s make and model. We have been given some options that we will think over then make a decision about. Stopping at Walmart on the way back it is a good thing we went in the Dogsled because I know I said I only needed a couple of things but walked out with a few more then that. 

Coming home after putting things away and having a late lunch we moved outside for the start of Happy Hour.  We were expecting guests this evening a couple none of us had ever met but whose Blog, Jim and Barb's RV Adventure, Deb had been following for a while. I had also read their blog and Doug mentioned he had too so we were all looking forward to meeting them in person. We had just settled in when they let Deb know they were on their way and she jumped into the Dogsled to meet them out at Ogilby Road to lead them back to our neighborhood. They pulled up behind her in their home on wheels with their two fur puppies, Dakota and Zoey, to join us for Happy Hour. What followed was a wonderful time chatting as laughter filled the air in our little corner of the world.  A Happy Hour which started under cloudy skies continued as blue skies and sunshine appeared overhead.  It did not end until twilight descended upon us and brought a chill to the air. After a short discussion they decided to stay right where they turned off the engine a few hours before. Nice to have new neighbors close by even for only one night. 


Starting at the bottom picture the color turned from orange
to golden yellow as the sun was slowing making its way up
behind the Cargo Muchacho Mountains.

Then it popped up over the top sending the first rays
of sunshine down on our day.

Looking out towards the Imperial Sand Dunes 
I can see the sunlight touching them.

Looking towards the Ogilby Hills 
the shadows start to stretch out in front of us.

The sun is up above the mountains and 
it is time to head in and get ready for our day.

In between the above picture and the one below there was shopping...😎

Starting from the left: Riley, Barb, Jim, Doug, Tom and Deb
 How lucky are we to have special people
sitting out on the Stinger "B"s patio.

After I took the above picture I turned and took these after
a day of cloudy skies it was nice to see sunny skies.

This is a picture Deb took of the Stinger "B" 
in the pre-dawn glow of colors.
Thank you, Deb!

It was a Good Day!


Tom was up before me this morning and I could smell the coffee perking while I was getting dressed. Stepping outside I could see Deb and Doug chatting next to the Igloo. Tom handed me my camera and I took a quick picture of the sun just cresting the mountain top.

Soon Deb, Riley, Doug then Barb and Jim joined us for a short morning Coffee Hour. It was nice having them parked next door last night and then to be able to sit for a bit before they headed off for more of Jim's dental work. They are off to the Howling in Yuma this weekend and we hope they have fun...howling. 

Waving so long they were off, sort of, then it dawned on us we
left them take off in the wrong direction...turning around they
were soon truly off.  Hope to see you down the road again! 

After Barb and Jim left we sat out for a little while longer enjoying the sun's warmth then we all headed towards our homes. Not long after I heard the WL start up and looking out the window saw it leave the area it did come back later and I am sure Doug will talk about what he was up to in his blog. I had some things I wanted to take care of inside today so I took care of that. After pumping the fresh water, he had picked up yesterday, into our tank. Tom decided to sit outside and enjoy the sun for awhile. 

Later I went outside with my camera and decided to take some pictures with my telephoto lens.  Below are those pictures.

Ogilby Hills

We had two helicopters fly by.

Another of the Ogilby Hills

At some point Deb and Doug came out and joined us. 

I spotted this bird on a branch, top middle, in the distance.

Cargo Muchacho Mountains

The moon coming up over the same
mountains mentioned above.

The sun going down on our day.
Picture taken with my phone.

Tonight's afterglow taken 

with my camera 

and telephoto lens.

Today was a perfect weather day in the desert spent together and with friends. Another day to be listed in the good day column.

We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. Laughter was indeed heard in our little corner of the desert. It was great fun to meet Jim and Barb along with their sweet fur folks Zoey and Dakota. The days seem to slip by without any effort but I am enjoying them greatly. Great capture of the sunset. Fire in the sky!


    1. Laughter, meeting new friends, spending time with you guys all beautiful moments to be cherished.

  2. Nothing better than meeting up with blog friends you've been talking to for a long time. Seems just like family!

  3. We are so looking forward to meeting Jim and Barb today! You all should make a run out to HOWL with us! The moon started to rise about 5:35 and there was howling going on and it was still daylight! What a beautiful sunset you had! Ours didn't have near the colors and we're not that far apart.

    1. I am writing this response after we saw you after the howling. Sounded like you all had a wonderful time.

  4. Getting to know fellow bloggers that you have been following is great. I'm envious. You guys sure have beautiful sunrises and sunsets and I enjoy your photos!

    1. It is always wonderful meeting fellow bloggers. The sunsets out here never disappoint.

  5. Great meeting you guys! You have a great spot there, those sunsets are hard to beat!

    1. It was great meeting you both, also. The sunsets out here are beautiful.

  6. Yesterday was a perfect day weather wise. And today will be too. Enjoy!

  7. Laughter sure makes visiting and meeting friends a one of the best things. Always nice to meet new bloggers.