Wednesday, January 15, 2020

(Catching Up) Friends Leave, Dentist, and Margaritas Enjoyed

Thursday, January 9, 2020

We were up and moving before the sun this morning; we both had appointments in Los Algodones to get our teeth cleaned.

Before leaving we stopped to wish Deb and Riley safe travels as they are off to new adventures over near Borrego Springs. It really has been a lovely week parked in the desert by them. There has been an ease being parked by them that is hard to explain because it is a feeling that comes from inside. We have enjoyed our time and the conversations, as we sat and watched the sun depart from our
days, has flowed. We are so glad Deb mentioned there is plenty of room nearby if you want to park in this area and we decided to do just that. After hugs all around, honestly a couple of hugs all around, it was time to say our "see you laters".  Already looking forward to the next time when we cross paths down the road.

Deb and Riley standing by their Dogsled and Igloo.

Our teeth are clean and it is time for lunch and a Margarita.

I had good news at the dentist but Tom will be going back the beginning of February for a couple of fillings. Before lunch we checked with the place I had purchased my glasses, I am wearing old ones above, to see about having the frames fixed. That could not be done but they did think they could find a frame to put my lenses into. We talked about it during lunch and instead of buying a totally new pair I decided to go that route. So after lunch we checked back and they kept my glasses to do some checking. (Side note: they called later in the day and were successful so the plan was to go back the next day to pick them up.)

The views in the distance

as we head towards 


By the time we got back home there was someone
new parked in the place vacated this morning by
Deb and Riley.

The wind picked up while we were gone

but I did step out to take a couple of pictures of the sunset.

Doug and Yuma are tucked inside across the way.

The sun is almost gone.

Looking towards the Northeast there is some color in the sky

and looking back the sun has left for today.

Then as I stepped back in the Stinger "B" reaching to
shut the door I could see the moon peeking out of the
clouds. So back out in the wind I went.

Looking back to the west there was a glow on the top of
the clouds where the sun has disappeared from sight.

Then I watched the moon make its way above

the clouds before deciding I had, had enough of the wind.

I then went inside to the warmth of our home to enjoy
the rest of our quiet evening.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Today was not the best day as far as my eyes. We were up early with the hope of getting into Mexico to pick up my glasses and back out quickly. As we headed over my eyes were so sensitive to the light I could not keep them open. I have had this happen before and knew I need to get a prescription for eye drops. So having been to a couple other Southwestern Eye Centers I made a call to the one in Yuma, I explained the problem, they spoke with one of the doctors, and they were able to squeeze me in. That, of course, meant we were there over two hours but I left with the needed prescription and by the end of the day my eyes felt quite a bit better. 

Sitting waiting for Doug and Yuma to arrive for Happy Hour.

The sun left 

and the moon arrived.

So ended another day parked in this peaceful place.

Milestones are important and we have had some special ones: Picking up long awaited babies at the airport, Graduations, Weddings, Births of Grandchildren, Baptisms, Anniversaries, First Communions, First Days of School, Buying our first home, Selling our last house, Retirement to name a few have made up some of what we consider to be the Milestones in our lives.

Yet it is the every day moments that make up our lives which make every day worth getting up for.

Pulling into a site and seeing smiling faces, standing with friends looking out over the vastness around us, driving down rough rocky roads or up mountain sides, sitting at the end of the day in a circle and filling the air with laughter, watching the sun go down, standing together watching the moon rise over the mountains, sharing a meal, sitting around a campfire watching the flames dance in the dark, and hugs after spending a wonderful time together. All moments for our memory book,

Returning home and hugging our grown up children, watching our grandchildren  run to us with open arms, sitting down with family and  friends we have not seen for a while and catching up while laughter fills the air. These are the moments worth remembering.

Sitting quietly in the morning while drinking coffee with the person we have chosen to spend our life with. Ending the day in the quietness of the desert or in sight of the lake we love. Ordinary everyday moments which add up to the wonderful life we are living.

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  1. Beautifully said Deb! Your feelings certainly come through in your words :) Love, Love the sunset pictures! Glad you got your prescription for eye drops, sounds like they are definitely needed. Hugs!!

    1. Thank you, Shirley. The sunsets are beautiful out there.
      Wish you two were here...hugs.