Thursday, January 2, 2020

Hello 2020!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The first thing on my agenda this morning was to get a batch of wash in. Then we sat and enjoyed our coffee before continuing to put things away in preparation for leaving tomorrow morning. After getting a few things taken care of we headed over to Ogilby Road to check out a place to park for the next week or so. Deb, On a long and lonesome highway...., had mentioned there was a large area around them to park so with her excellent directions we easily found their home and a nice spot a little distance away from them that hopefully will be still be available tomorrow. We knew they were off hiking with a friend today so did not expect to see her and Riley. Happily we got a late start heading over there and as we were driving back out towards Ogilby Road we could see a white truck coming our way. So we pulled over and waited and sure enough it was the dogsled with two familiar ladies inside. We followed them back to their site for a short chat that of course was not short.  What it was, was a nice visit before we cut it short to get back to the park and the chores we wanted to get done before pulling out tomorrow. We will be within walking distance for a few days so I am sure we will enjoy a few more "short chats" and we are looking forward to doing just that. They have spent quite a bit of time parked in that spot and are familiar with the area so we are thinking if we pay attention part of those chats will include some good information of were to take some hikes and rides.
(Side note: you meet some of the nicest people out in the desert.) 

I missed the last sunset of 2019 but I did get this picture of
the sun as it made its way up this morning.

The last Happy Hour of 2019.
We had left to head into Yuma for Mass and as I was getting
in the Jeep I snapped this picture.
Left to right: Ken, Kim, Patsy, and Bill

The first Happy Hour of 2020.
Starting on the left: Bill, Bob, Patsy, Kim, Ken, Tom and JoAnne

Looking across at Felicity as we walked back from
Happy Hour today.

The sun slipping quickly below the horizon in the west.

Our home in tonight's sunset.

Tonight's afterglow was a beautiful and lit up the clouds
with wonderful shades of orange.

I am including this picture off a site called, Your probably from
Escanaba if.....
.taken by Bud Lemire. 

Looking west down Ludington Street New Year's Eve.
Just a reminder of why we love being snowbirds.

We have enjoyed the two weeks we have spent here celebrating the Christmas Season with friends. There have been Happy Hours filled with conversations, good food, and laughter and as always there is a feeling of sadness to leave a place we have settled in and enjoyed. Yet for us it is time to move on. New adventures are always around the corner and as much as we enjoy being in a RV Park with full hookups we are anxious to be back out in the desert dry camping. The memories come with us as we pull out of the park today and the memories stay with us forever.

"Wherever you go,
go with all your heart."

We are glad you stopped in!
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Happy 2020!


  1. Least you don’t have far to go!!! Enjoy the new year!!!

    1. That is true...we made it in about 20
      You enjoy the new year, also.

  2. First off, I love your town, looks just like a Hallmark movie!!! Glad you've had a couple of weeks of full hookups and friendship! Nice that you'll be near Deb and Riley, I've no doubt you'll enjoy your stay there too! Can't wait to follow your new adventure! Happy New Year you two!!

    1. Happy New Year to you and Ken! It was nice to spend the Christmas Season with friends and being in full hookups was great. We were ready, though, to be back out in the desert and we are looking forward to our time here. Being by Deb and Riley is a special bonus.

  3. I knew you two were moving today, but glad to hear not too far. Deb and Riley will enjoy the company. Hear we may all be going on a jeep safari tomorrow thanks to Jerry. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

    1. It was one of those easy moves. I know we will enjoy Deb and Riley's company.
      Tom and I are looking forward to the ride tomorrow; we were happy when Jerry said he would not be going any where our Jeep could not make it. It will be nice to see you and Yuma.

  4. We have spent some time boondocking around Ogilby Road and really enjoyed it ... have fun!

    1. We have stayed out here before but never for more the a couple of days. We are looking forward to the quiet of the desert.

  5. Welcome to the neighbourhood. We too are looking forward to a some chatting and learning from you folks as well.
    I'm excited about the Jeeping tomorrow and hope you folks enjoy it as much as I did.

    1. Thank you, for the welcome. It looks like a pretty nice neighborhood.
      We are definitely looking forward to the ride tomorrow.