Sunday, January 4, 2015

Heading West

January 2, 2014

We left Mustang Island behind us around 11:30am this morning. We have decided as much as we would like to camp on the beach this is not the time. We have enjoyed our time here and we really liked the RV park, Pioneer Beach Resort, everyone we met was very friendly and welcoming. We hope to come back at a different time of year in the future when it will hopefully be warmer and we can camp on the beach.

We were not sure exactly where we would be for the night but the general direction was Eagle Pass, Del Rio, and then Fort Stockton to catch Interstate 10 west. We have decided any place else we would like to visit in Texas will wait for another time and warmer weather.

For most of the day this is what we saw out the truck's window.

At the end of a long rainy drive this is what our truck and 5th wheel looked like.

We ended the day in Del Rio in the Walmart parking lot. We had hoped to stay at the Walmart in Eagle Pass which would have been a better choice time wise. The problem was after calling three times to see if they allowed overnight parking all I was able to find out was the person answering the phone did not know and also could not find a manager. We decided not to spend any more time trying to find out and kept going.
To be continued... 

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