Friday, January 9, 2015

We are in New Mexico.

January 6, 2015

We had coffee with this view this morning.

Then we headed over to the Camping World, which was right next door. We had a few items we wanted to check out and we also needed to fill up one of our propane tanks. Unfortunately, everyone who could fill a propane tank was in a meeting. So after some checking we found another place just down the road where we were able to purchase the propane.

We then pulled onto I-10 and as Tom was merging into traffic I was able to get a picture of this sign.

We have left Texas after spending 56 days in the state. We are now in New Mexico. One of the first things we noticed immediately is it seems a lot flatter. At least today's ride on I-10 did not include any large hills. Though you can see the mountains in the distant.

Today's drive as seen through the windshield.


We saw several trains today as we continued our trek west.

We ended today's drive in Lordsburg, NM at the Lordsburg KOA. (A little pricey in our opinion but there.)

The only noise we heard through the night was the trains.

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