Thursday, January 8, 2015

Still Heading West

January 5, 2015

We  left the Fort Stockton RV park this morning and we are now traveling west on Interstate 10.

Snow along the highway.
Now compared to back home this is a dusting and would not even rate a mention let alone a picture. But we are in Texas and we wanted to document that we saw snow.

Some of the days scenery through the front windshield which is not the cleanest.

Driving through El Paso.

We stopped for the night in Anthony, Texas at the American RV Park. The only way to describe it would be a large parking lot but the views are not bad. Plus the sites are huge and it is clean.


  1. You are past the worst part of the road we have been delayed twice because of black ice just past Fort stockton for 24 hours and Midland Texas for 3 days in a Walmart.

    1. We had read there was a possibility of black ice ahead which is why we decided to spend a second night in Ft. Stockton. I remember reading about your 3 day stay at the Walmart in Midland. Hope today's roads are clear for you as you continue north.