Friday, November 6, 2015

Canyon TX to Santa Rosa, NM

November 5, 2015

One last picture from Palo Duro Canyon.

Our selfie
It was a little windy.

We had thought about staying another day and checking out Caprocks Canyon Texas State Park but we decided this morning to continue heading west. We left a little later than we had planned, a little after 11:00 am. A couple of neighbors stopped to chat which made everything take longer than normal to do but that is life in a campground.

 Our first stop was Natural Grocers in Amarillo. It was on our way to I 40, sort of, and there were a couple of things I had not been able to find that I like to have on hand. I was able to find what I needed and a couple of other things.

Or second stop was the Cadillac Ranch, a Roadside America stop, just west of Amarillo on the I 40 access road, old Route 66.

We saw this just before we turned onto the access road.
It looked to be a RV park.

It was pretty much what we expected as we approached Tom mentioned we had forgotten to pick up spray paint to add to the graffiti. (We had a plan but with the wind out there today we would not have accomplished it anyway. Maybe next time we drive by.) As I said it was very windy and with the dust blowing Tom suggested I stay put and he would walk across the field and take close up pictures. It sounded like a great plan to me and I agreed immediately.

The gate into the field. You can see the cadillacs  in the distance.

Tom said there were spray cans just left on the field and
with the wind we really could not have used spray paint today.

 After this stop we merged onto I 40 going west.

With the wind today these were all really moving.
Crossed into New Mexico around 1:30pm
and then it was 12:30pm. 

We made a stop at the Welcome Center for some information and to eat our lunch. Inside we met the most helpful welcoming young woman. As we sat eating and talking we decided to stop in Santa Rosa for the day.

Off in the distance we could see that New Mexico is
also harnessing the wind power.

One of the things I have always enjoyed, since childhood, is watching big fluffy clouds and the shapes they form. Now as we drive across this beautiful country I find myself still looking.

I wonder if we see any of the same things.
Stopped in Tucumcari for gas and on the other side of the pumps some fellow snowbirds from Michigan in a 5th wheel. I have to say it, small world.

When we pulled back onto I 40 the clouds had disappeared. Ahead we would see sunshine, blue skies, and at times miles of highway. In the distance nothing but the beauty that is New Mexico.

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy."
                                                                             ~Anne Frank


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