Friday, November 13, 2015

Tuesday's Post continued (Magdalena and Kelly)

After leaving the Very Large Array we headed back the way we came. On our way back we made a stop in Magdalena, NM.

Pictures clockwise starting at top right: Some buildings on
Main Street, Train Depot, a Cowboy and cow at the North
end of Main Street, sign on building says Charles Ilfeld Co.
Wholesalers of Everything, and the Marshal's Office

In 1884 the village of Magdalena was named after the Magdalena Peak when its post office opened. Magdalena was incorporated in 1913.
In 1883, about 2.5 miles south of Magdalena, the Kelly Mine opened in Kelly, New Mexico. The Kelly Mine produced silver and zinc until the silver market collapsed.
Our next goal was to find the ghost town of Kelly, New Mexico. We saw this Historical Marker but could not find anything telling us where it was located. Tom spotted a street called Kelly so we decided to take a ride and see where it would lead to.
We had not gone very far when we spotted this sign.
So we followed this road up.
After about 2 miles we came upon this sign, what looked
like a couple of residences (no pictures), the church,
and the end of the road.

Heading back down the road.

On the way back down in the distance,
after a lot of cropping, we could see
remnants of the mine. 
Then were we had seen the first sign, on both sides of the
road, we spotted more evidence of the mine.
We hadn't noticed any of this on the way up. I am guessing
because we were so intent on finding something that said,
"this way to Kelly".
Heading back down to Socorro.
 We stopped for dinner at the Socorro Springs Brewing Co. The food was good and we enjoyed trying a couple of their beers. Then back  home to the Crusader after a day we thoroughly enjoyed.
 "The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it."
                                                                  ~Richard Back

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