Sunday, November 1, 2015

Rolla, MO to Miami, OK

What it looked like out our window this morning when it was light enough to take a picture. As I write this we can now see the casino but it is still pretty foggy.

Can barely see where to put our quarters this morning. :)

October 31, 2015

Hope every one had a nice Halloween.

Headed out of Walmart's parking lot around 7:42am yesterday morning it had rained on and off all night. There was a slight drizzle as we headed for I 44. Our first stop was for coffee and breakfast at a Cracker Barrel in St. Robert, MO just a couple exits down the road. We do like breakfast there plus we have never had a problem parking which is a big plus when you are in a truck pulling a 36 foot 5th wheel.

As we headed back out to I 44 the rain started and it came down pretty good, on and off, until just before Joplin, MO. This was our stop for gas at the Flying J. I have been reading George and Suzie Yates' blog "Our Awesome Travels", they are just ahead of us, and he had mentioned gas was $1.86 there the day before. I checked Gasbuddy and it was still at that price. (So thank you for the information and saving us some money. We would have filled up first thing in the morning otherwise.) Plus, we have Good Sam so it was $1.86 a gallon.

Missouri rain and gas at a great price.

We have been loosely following Route 66 since St. Louis. To actually follow the route we would have to be off of I 44, most of the time, following side roads. (From what I can see in the book we have.) Which would be fun, if we were in a car and not pulling this rig. We are talking about one year stopping along the way and exploring the different areas.

A rest stop in Missouri. They have a map
of Route 66 on the floor.

Just before the Oklahoma border
I spotted some blue sky out the side window.
Did not last long.

We crossed into Oklahoma.

I keep thinking if the sun was out the colors would be really pretty.

So we decided to stop for the day in Miami, OK at the Buffalo Run Casino. Yes, we are parked on the edge of a parking lot but the price is excellent, water and electric hook ups for free.  We did go in and have dinner, after all it is Halloween, and the food was good.

We are parked for the night.

I leave you with this thought today. As I really do not want to be the only one humming this song.

"...Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain,
And the wavin' wheat can sure smell sweet
When the wind comes right behind the rain..."
                           Oklahoma!, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II,
                                                          music by Richard Rogers


  1. Glad you are having good weather and are making your way to warmer climates for the winter. Hoping some day that our paths will cross and we can say "Hello."
    George and Suzie are great people to know and they won't steer you wrong.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


    1. It would be nice to cross paths and meet in person.

      We have been following George and Suzie Yates blog, as they are just ahead of us, and it has been helpful. Getting a heads up that gas was cheaper just ahead did save us some money.

      Good Luck with your plans for this winter getting ready to fulltime.