Saturday, November 7, 2015

Santa Rosa, NM to Bernardo, NM

November 6, 2015

We had spent the night in Santa Rosa, NM at the Santa Rosa Campground on Historic Route 66. When we woke up it was 37° in Michigan where are daughter lives in the UP it was 45° and where our son lives downstate 60° now what is wrong with this picture? Though we know as we head further west and it gets further into winter we should have the warmer temperatures.

The view from our campsite.

The Kiva RV Park in Bernardo, NM was our destination. It is a Passport America Park with full hookups for $14 a night and this rate is good for 7 nights. It is right off of I 25 but surprisingly quiet at night so we have decided to spend a week here and check out the surrounding area and just enjoy not moving.

One of the reasons we came this way is we have friends from back home who recently bought a second home near here and as luck would have it were still here. So it was nice to have the opportunity to get together, catch up, and see their place.  Plus, she gave us quite a few ideas on what to see nearby. Hopefully we will be able to spend some more time together as we travel back to Michigan in the spring. Plus, with any luck I will remember to take pictures as I completely forgot this time.

Today's drive was on US Highways 54 and then 60 West both two lanes, not much traffic, and views for miles.

Some of the views out my side window.

Sometime the road looks like it will go on forever or that
you will drive into the mountains covered in a beautiful blue haze.

Sometimes the road squiggles and curves.

At one point we saw a sign for a Historical Marked ahead, there was plenty of parking off the road so we decided to stop. This is what we saw.

Really a shame because,  as you can see,
you really cannot read what it says.

This was the view behind the sign so I walked over to the fence and took some pictures.

Then I turned to walk back to the truck and this was the back of the sign.

Salt ponds and lakes is what we were viewing.

Across the road and in the distance, wind turbines doing there job.

Not long after we had passed through Encino we saw this sign.
A few miles later we spotted this little one.
I had to do a lot of cropping to be able to see it in the pictures.
Several miles later we spotted this one just standing
on the side of the road.
Again a lot of cropping to see it in the pictures.

Some what farther down the road this sign showed up a couple of times.

A few miles further down the road we turned a corner and this vista
was in front of us and it was pretty much straight down.
Though it did flatten out somewhat before the curve.
During the whole drive the sky was a beautiful blue and for most of the ride mountains could be seen way off in the distance. The traffic was very minimal and it was nice to be off the interstate.