Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Forty-Seven Years!

Today we celebrated our 47th Wedding Anniversary. This is the third anniversary we have celebrated as snowbirds and it hardly seems possible that three years have gone by since we started this journey. A journey by the way we are thoroughly enjoying. Lets face it, though, what really does not seem possible is it has been 47 years since we stood together in front of family and friends at St. Anne's Church and said "I do".

A question, I am sure, we are not alone in asking is where did the time go. So many memories of a life lived together. Raising our two children and now watching as they raise theirs. I remember one particular day we were riding by a RV place and we started talking about one day owning one and spending winters where it was warm. Both our children, visibly upset, wanted to know where they would sleep, what about their stuff, and their friends. We tried to explain that by the time we would buy the RV and go south in the winter they would be all grown up and not want to live with us any more. They would have nothing to do with that idea so we finally told them not to worry we would not be doing that. Now we have grandchildren that do not understand why Papa and Nana have to be gone all winter. It is funny how things change but not really.

It was a quiet day of packing and getting ready for our next adventure together. Tom grilled steaks, I put a potato and vegetables in the oven to roast, added salads and we enjoyed a nice meal. Not a bad way to celebrate 47 years of marriage!

"An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, 
the memories of yesterday, 
and the hopes of tomorrow."

 ~Author unknown


  1. Happy Anniversary and many more, enjoy the warm sunny winters, we love them too.

  2. Happy anniversary to you both with many more to follow.
    We have the same issues with the grandchildren not able to understand us not being Home through the cold winter. After all these years the warmer climates do feel wonderful especially at this time of year.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.