Thursday, December 8, 2016

Heading South

The goal for next few days is to put the miles behind us and land in North Carolina.

We left Michigan on November 2nd and drove as far as Delaware, OH where we spent the night in a Walmart parking lot.

On the 3rd we spent the night in a Walmart in Quincy, WV.

Crossing into West Virginia in the rain.

While waiting to take off the sun hit the hill across the Walmart parking lot.

The drive on November 4th.

Driving through West Virginia.

Crossing into Virginia

The windshield is dirty but the sign says we have reached
North Carolina.

We drove as far as the Zooland Family Campground near Ashbero, NC we parked here for 7 nights.

I am going to take the time to explain why we have decided to stay here for a week. When we were visiting our son and his family downstate both Nadine and Noah were sick and the day we left our son found out he had pneumonia. While we were there I ended up in Urgent Care. I had compromised my lungs which triggered my asthma and I could not stop coughing. After stopping the first night on the road Tom was coughing, tired, and generally not feeling well. We stopped at an Urgent Care where we found out he had bronchitis. At that point we looked at the direction we were heading and decided to drive as far as North Carolina, find a place to stay, and rest. We were headed in that direction because I was hoping to be able to visit a lifelong friend there. As it turns out, though we did get rested, the visit because of how we were feeling never happened. We did not want to pass anything on. Conclusion this year is not starting out exactly as we planned. The good news, this was a Passport America Park and the rate was good for 5 nights. Except for the first night this was a quiet park so it did end up being a restful place to land. It doesn't matter on the road or stationary in a house we all get sick and plans change.

"Take a deep breath and just enjoy life."

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