Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Stinger "B"

December 17, 2016

Two posts back our blog was about a "Lesson Learned". What I did not mention was what I had said to Tom as we drove down the back roads towards the RV park in Zephyrhills, FL, If we look at the bright side maybe there is a reason for what has happened and that reason is our motor home is in Florida.

On December 10th we got our first, in person, look at what would become our new, to us, home on wheels.

2007 Coachman Pathfinder

December 17th the papers were signed and it officially became ours. We have decided, since we both thought it looked like a large bumblebee the first time we saw it, to affectionately call our new home on wheels the Stinger "B".

After finishing all the paperwork, with the Crusader and the Stinger "B" parked side by side we started moving all our belongings into our new home on wheels.

Getting ready to pull out of the last site we spent in the Crusader.
Parked side by side waiting for the move.

The huge task of organizing will be when we get back. The next morning we headed for the UP to spend Christmas with our Daughter and her children and then, according to the plan, onto lower Michigan to spend New Years with our Son, Daughter-in-law, and their children then back to Florida by the 6th or 7th. (Side note: as of today, the 29th those plans have had to change for reasons I will not be talking about at this time. Except to say it looks like our time line will be changed by about one week.)

We are excited about this new home and are anxious to make it ours. When we get back to Florida we will have, with help, time to learn about how everything operates. Then Tom, and if I brave up, will be going to driving school to learn how to confidently drive our new home. After about a week we hope to be on the road and heading west so we can spend time in the desert.

"Don't be afraid to CHANGE.
You may lose something good
but you may gain
something better."

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  1. We can't wait to see it in person this summer! Charlotte said it looks big enough for her and her siblings to travel with you... in the backyard :)